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Cartridge Alignment Protractors

On this page you can download free cartridge alignment protractors for quick and accurate alignment of cartridge / stylus overhang, offset and null points. We have truly universal two-point tools such as the Stupid Protractor, and tonearm specific types for Audiocraft, Helius, Heybrook, Linn, Rega and Thorens, all with easy to follow instructions detailing how to align a cartridge.

To determine which protractor is suitable for your tonearm please read Seb's Protractor User Guide and please check scale carefully after printing and resize if necessary.

Other useful alignment tools

Tonearm Database
Mounting dimensions and alignment data for most turntables and tonearms - the original and best!

Alignment Calculator Pro
The latest version of the VE alignment calculator is the swiss army knife of alignment tools, now with comparison plots of tracking error and distortion for up to 4 tonearms/alignments

  • Compare your arms standard geometry to the most popular alignment geometries
  • Calculate optimised alignment geometry for your tonearm
  • Compare geometry and distortion of up to 4 different tonearms
  • Optimise alignment for your own record collection by adjusting for optimal groove radii
  • Discover the optimal mounting distance for a known effective length
  • Calculate geometry for your DIY tonearm design

Overhang Shift Calculator
Assess the effects of changing stylus overhang while keeping the original angle of the cartridge in the headshell

Generic (universal) protractors

Stupid Protractors

A pair of universal two-point protractors, one using the more common Baerwald alignment method as used on 99% of commercial products and the other Loefgren B (see Seb's user guide above for an explanation of the difference). Simple, accurate and widely compatible. If you aren't sure which type to use and want a free alternative to the common shop bought designs, download this one.

stupid protractor

Stevenson alignment protractor

Another universal protractor, this time using the Stevenson alignment method with null points at 60.325 mm and 117.42 mm. This is especially useful for arms which have limited room in the headshell slots and can't be aligned satisfactorily with a Baerwald type.

stevenson protractor

Chpratz Protractor

Designed to allow users to align their cartridge at any two null points between 60 and 150mm. A quick and easy way for experimenters to judge the sonic merits of different alignment methods. For example, this could be used in conjunction with the tonearm database to compare the tonearm manufacturers alignment with the popular Baerwald type found in most aftermarket protractors.

chpratz protractor

Universal Stuff Protractor V.2.0

A mirror protractor, a variation on the classic two-point protractor - suitable for experienced users only!

universal stuff protractor

Kearns Universal Arc protractor

The Arc protractor is suitable as a cartridge alignment protractor for specific tonearm lengths / mounting distances only (see instructions enclosed)

kearns universal arc protractor

Turntable specific protractors

These protractors are tonearm specific or use alternative alignment methodology.

AudioCraft AC300C protractor

Suitable for the Audiocraft AC300C tonearm only

audiocraft cartridge protractor

Helius Aureus protractor

Suitable for the Helius Aureus tonearm only

helius cartridge protractor

Heybrook Universal alignment protractor

Universal two-point protractor that uses Heybrooks chosen null points of 63.5 and 120mm

heybrook tonearm protractor

Linn Ittok / LVX / LVX+ protractor / mounting template

This tool is suitable for accurate mounting and alignment of all Linn mounting pattern tonearms.

linn template


Seb's Arc Protractors

Arc protractors allow super fast, accurate cartridge alignment.

Please Note The alignment curve on an arc protractor is only suitable for the stated mounting distance.

DO NOT use an arc protractor unless it matches your mounting distance exactly.

Linn Baerwald alignment protractor

Suitable for Linn tonearms mounted at 211mm mounting distance. Print on A3 sized paper. Includes integral strobe disc in 3 versions, 50Hz, 60Hz and 300Hz.

linn 50hz baerwald protractor

linn 60hz baerwald protractor

linn 300hz baerwald protractor

Rega Baerwald alignment protractor v.2

Suitable for Rega tonearms only, mounted at exactly 222mm (standard) mounting distance. This single point design is especially quick and easy to use and includes an arc for rapid double checking.

rega baerwald protractor

Rega Stevenson alignment protractor v.2

Suitable for Rega tonearms mounted at exactly 222mm (standard) mounting distance. Identical to the Baerwald protractor above but designed using Stevenson null points which gives alignment closer to Regas and is useful when the headshell slots don't give enough room to align your chosen cartridge using the Baerwald design.

rega stevenson protractor

Technics Arc protractor

Suitable for those Technics turntables that have an arm mounting distance of exactly 215mm, such as the SL-1200/1210/1300/1400/1500/1600 etc. Please check the tonearm database for the mounting distance of your arm before using this protractor. Also note that Technics arms do not use baerwald alignment as standard, so you may have to offset the cartridge in the headshell in order to align with arc.

Technics Arc Protractor Instructions

technics arc protractor

Thorens Arc protractor v.2

Suitable for those Thorens tonearms that have a mounting distance of exactly 215.6mm. See enclosed instructions for compatible tonearms.

thorens arc protractor

All Cartridge / Tonearm alignment protractors on this page are freely downloadable for non-commercial use.


NAD 533 (rega p2 rebadge)

which protractor will give best results?


The scan of the original single point Rega protractor in the library is suitable, or you could use the Rega Baerwald/Stevenson arc protractors for alternative alignments which give theoretically lower tracking error/distortion.


Protractor for SME 3009 Series II improved?

I do not see protractor for SME 3009 Series Improved tonearm. Help please.


SME protractor

For serial numbers below 439606 you can use the two-point 'Stevenson Protractor', for later arms the 'Baerwald Stupid Protractor' is suitable.


Luxman pd-264

Can someone recommend what protractor to use on a Luxman pd-264 turntable also does anyone have any recommendations on a good cartridge to use currently there is a Audio Technica AT-11E installed but I would like to upgrade to a better cartridge.


Which protractor is best for 45s, or 7 inch discs?

The Technics protractor is

The Technics protractor is labelled as 232mm on the pdf file. The effective length is 230mm? What gives? typo?


Standard effective length for most 215mm Technics arms is 230mm (mounting distance + overhang). The arc protractor uses Baerwald geometry for lower distortion which requires more overhang (cartridge further forward in the slots) and hence a longer effective length.


makes sense, thanks!

makes sense, thanks!

this baerwald arc protractor

this baerwald arc protractor is very good


Good day! Can You please help me find a copy of an alignment gauge which was supplied with this magic machine? Big thanks - Nick

That is likely going to be

That is likely going to be difficult to find. I have a 20 and through a little deductive measuring I found where the center of the stylus should be from a reference point on the arm so it will be dead center of the platter pin

I Have to use the Stevenson V2


There are some if not a lot of cartridges that dosnt have a long enough cantilever to reach the Baerwald alignment, when using the Rega RB arms.

Both my Ortofon Rondo Blue and my Transfiguration Phoenix will not reach the overhang of 18mm that Bearwald uses to aling its null points...

So in this case Stevenson is the only Protractor u can use, if u dont reach the correct overhang the null points u set are useless...

Also tried a VDH Condor on RB700 and here there's no problem with the Baerwald protractor, and this was done using the quite expensive Feickert i have bought, ands its a bit stupid it dosnt have the Stevenson method also, as its also needed sometimes..