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Fidelity Research FR 54

Instruction manual (jp) and template for the Fidelity Research FR 54 tonearm. Thanks again to user510 at theanalogdept for the scans

Fidelity Research FR 54

Rek-O-Kut Rondine

Uploaded a catalogue detailing the Rek-O-Kut Rondine range of turntables and tonearms. Many thanks to Iain for the scans

Dual Turntables

Owners manual (en,de,fr,nl) for the Dual 1226, and the mounting template for the Dual 1220, 1222, 1224, 1225, 1226 and 1228. Thanks again to Van_Isle for the scans

Philips Super M GP422 II

Added the owners manual (en,fr) for the Philips Super M GP422 II stereo phono cartridge. Many thanks to shadows08 for the scans

Sony VL-30G + VL-32G

Instruction manual (en,fr) for the Sony VL-30G and VL-32G moving magnet cartridges. Many thanks to zeplin43 for the scans

Cartridge Database

Numerous additions/updates/corrections to the Cartridge Database including new models from Ortofon, Stanton and Goldring.

Ortofon OM Super

Flyer added for the Ortofon OM10 Super, OM20 Super and OM30 Super magnetic stereo phono pickups. Many thanks to mrjosera for the scans

Dual ULM 55E

Multi-language owners manual (en) for the Dual ULM 55E moving-magnet stereo cartridge. Many thanks to mihe for the scans

Pioneer PL-X50

Full service manual (en) for the Pioneer PL-X50 draw-loading stereo turntable. Many thanks to sbirov for the scans

AKG Cartridges

1983 product catalogue (de) for AKG Phono Cartridges. Many thanks to AndrewOst for the scans

Marantz 6170

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Marantz 6170 direct-drive turntable. Thanks again to BIRO for the scans

Sansui SR-212

Added the service manual (en) for the Sansui SR-212 two-speed, auto-reverse turntable. Thanks again to CP for the scans

Onkyo CP-1011F

Service manual (en) for the Onkyo CP-1011F fully automatic, belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to CP for the scans

Akai AP-005

Owners manual (en) added for the Akai AP-005 automatic turntable. Many thanks to Valavien for the scans

VPI Industries HW-19 Junior

Set up and instruction manual (en) for the VPI Industries HW-19 Junior belt drive turntable. Thanks again to OldeBob for the scans

Audioquest PT6, PT7 + PT8

Instruction manual (en) for the Jelco manufactured Audioquest PT-6, PT-7 and PT-8 tonearms. Many thanks to OldeBob for the scans

Akai AP-206 + AP-206C

Added the instruction manual (en,de,fr) for the Akai AP-206/AP-206C auto-return turntable. Many thanks to jimbo1421 for the scans

Audio Technica

Owners manual (jp) added for the Audio Technica AT120Ea, AT130Ea, AT140Ea and AT150Ea moving magnet phono cartridges. Many thanks to shadows08 for the scans

Toshiba SR-510C

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Toshiba SR-510C record player. Thanks again to AlkatrazBR for the scans


Service manual (en) for the JVC QL-A2 quartz-locked, direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to AlkatrazBR for the scans

Dual CS 731Q + TK 260

Added the instruction manuals (en,de,fr,it,nl,es) for the Dual CS731Q direct drive turntable and TK260 phono cartridge. Many thanks to freddie75015 for the scans

Pioneer PL-570 belt drive

Instruction and service manuals (en) for the belt driven version of the Pioneer PL-570 turntable. Many thanks to tele52 for the scans

Mitsubishi LT-5V

English language owners manual added for the Mitsubishi LT-5V vertical linear tracking turntable. Many thanks to mallp for the scans

Technics SL-1300

Service manual and supplements added for the original Technics SL-1300 direct drive turntable. Many thanks to JackTheToad for the scans