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Sony PS-LX520

User manual (en) added for the Sony PS-LX520 linear tracking, direct drive turntable. Many thanks to murielkid for the scans

Pioneer PL-50L II

Added the owners manual (jp) and specifications (en) for the Pioneer PL-50L II direct drive turntable. Many thanks to shadows08 for the scans

Garrard model 60

Instruction manual (en) added for the vintage Garrard model 60 fully automatic idler drive turntable. Many thanks to garygad for the scans

Kenwood KD-1033B

Owners manual (en) for the Trio/Kenwood KD-1033B two-speed, belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to fenboatman for the scans

Systemdek Turntables

Rare brochures uploaded for the Systemdek II, IIS, III, IV, IIX and IIX electronic belt-drive turntables. Many thanks to Markcass for the scans

Ortofon Moving Coil Cartridges

Added flyers with full specifications for the Ortofon MC10 Super, MC15 Super, MC25 E, MC25 FL and MC 7500 moving coil cartridges. Thanks again to Terry Robinson for the scans

Sony PS-FL7 II

Instruction manual (en) for the Sony PS-FL7 II linear tracking turntable system. Many thanks to anahog for the scans

Pioneer PL-31D

Owners manual (en) for the Pioneer PL-31D professional high-fidelity stereo turntable. Many thanks to patleaver for the scans

Denon DP-59L

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Denon DP-59L servo-controlled direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to deaddy cruel for the scans

Akai AP-Q80

Service manual (en) for the Akai AP-Q80 full-auto, quartz-synthesiser turntable. Many thanks to jleon92f for the scans

Dual Phono Cartridges

Instruction manuals (en,de,fr,nl) for the Dual DMS 200 and CDS 660 stereo phono cartridges. Many thanks to Cornelius900 for the scans

Dual 521

Added the service manual (en) for the Dual 521 two-speed, belt-drive turntable. Thanks again to GMC MH for the scans