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Technics SL-1650

Added the service manual (en) for the Technics SL-1650 Direct Drive Automatic Record Changer. Many thanks to vinylbluegrass

Dual 1237

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Dual 1237 2-speed, automatic turntable. Many thanks to RolandP for the scans

Goldring G-900 SE

Owners manual (en) for the Goldring G-900 SE stereophonic cartridge. Thanks again to Milkwood for the scans

Philips/Norelco GA 202

Service manual (en) for the Philips/Norelco GA 202 3-speed, belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to eb2jim for the scans

Technics SL-1950

Owners manual (en) for the Technics SL-1950 direct drive turntable. Many thanks to petrrj for the scans

Thorens TD166

Instruction manual (en,de,fr) for the Thorens TD166 turntable. Many thanks to Milkwood for the scans