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Dual 1210 + 1211

Owners manuals (de) for the Dual 1210 and (en) for the Dual 1211 idler drive turntables. Many thanks to domlambri and emrah for the scans


Improved scan of the JICO SAS Stylus technical flyer as supplied with their Super Analogue Stylus. Many thanks to mas for the scans

Barthe Rotofluid

Rare French language brochures and stylus gauge uploaded for the Barthe Rotofluid and Rotofluid Pro III / IIIAA turntables. Many thanks to grib for the scans

Audiocraft - Ultracraft

Added the owners manual (en) and brochure (jp) for the Audiocraft - Ultracraft AC-3300 and AC-4400 tonearms, and an alternative scan of the owners manual (jp) for the AC 300/400 mk2 and AC-3000/4000MC. Many thanks to may for the scans

Cartridge Database

A number of spec sheets and manuals from the original cartridgdb website have been added to the library with many more to follow in the coming weeks. Thanks again to EdAInWestOC

Marantz 6050 + 6110

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Marantz 6050 and 6110 belt-drive turntables. Many thanks to hawk2662 for the scans

Sharp Optonica RP-3500 + RP-3636

Added the service manual (en) for the Sharp Optonica RP-3500 and RP-3636 two-speed direct drive turntables. Many thanks to tunt1a for the scans

Audio Technica AT-PL120-USB

Owners manual for the Audio Technica AT-PL120-USB professional stereo turntable. Thanks again to Knowzy USB TT Guide for the scans

BSR 810

Added an illustrated brochure and packing list for the BSR 810 two-speed, transcription series turntable. Many thanks to Spikkie for the scans

Technics SL-1700

Service manual (en) for the Technics SL-1700 mk2 direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to sjg for the scans

NEAT Stereo Phono Cartridges

Added the instruction manual (en) for the NEAT V15, V60MH, V60ML, V70, V80, V88, V110 and V120 stereo magnetic phono cartridges. Many thanks to Nat for the scans

Linn Arkiv

Specifications sheet (en) for the Linn Arkiv moving coil phono cartridge. Many thanks to merlin el mago for the scans

Technics SL-1400 mk2

Owners manual (en) for the Technics SL-1400 mk2 semi-automatic direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to kmulkey for the scans

Dual 604 and 621

Packing instructions (en,de) for the Dual 604 and 621 Electronic Direct Drive Turntables. Many thanks to johnfinn68 for the scans

Goldring Stereo Magnetic Cartridges

Owners manuals for the Goldring Epic, G-820 series, G-900, G-910 and G-920 stereo magnetic cartridges. Many thanks to mensosoman for the scans

Mitsubishi DP-EC1

Added the instruction manual (en) for the Mitsubishi DP-EC1 integrated logic control turntable. Many thanks to electrafixion for the scans

Michell Tecnodec

Setting up instructions (en) for the Michell Tecnodec turntable. Many thanks to mensosoman for the scans

Garrard 125SB

Instruction manual (en) for the Garrard 125SB automatic, belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to Kamyl for the scans


Added the owners manual for the Ariston RD50, RD60 and RD90 turntables and the Enigma tonearm. Many thanks to progrock123 for the scans