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Archived News

Ortofon SPU

Information sheets (en) for the Ortofon SPU Classic S, GT, GTE, Meister and Meister Silver stereo phono cartridges. Thanks again to Terry Robinson for the scans

Technics/Panasonic SP-10 mk1

Added the schematics (en) for the Technics SP10 mk1 professional direct drive turntable. Many thanks to pirca for the scans

Denon MC Phono Cartridges

Full colour product catalogue for Denon MC Phono Cartridges. Many thanks to Terry Robinson for the scans

Nitty Gritty Record Cleaner

Owner's manual covering the popular Nitty Gritty range of record cleaners. Many thanks to Afrikane for the scans

Pioneer PL-50

Service manual (en) for the Pioneer PL-50 belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to kaplang11 for the scans

SME Series III S

Updated the owners manual for the SME III S with improved scans, and added the instructions for the later CA-1 arm tube with revised geometry. Many thanks to mtr33 for the scans

Audio Technica AT322EP + AT332EP

Installation instructions (jp) for the Audio Technica AT322EP and AT332EP moving coil phono cartridges. Many thanks to BowhunterGS for the scans

Denon DP-31L

Added the service manual (en) for the Denon DP-31L Servo Controlled Direct Drive Turntable. Thanks again to dlfetters for the scans

Goldring model 600

Operating notes (en) for the vintage Goldring model 600 phono cartridge. Many thanks to peppie for the scans

Garrard Zero 100

Service manual (issue 1) (en) for the Garrard Zero 100 turntable. Many thanks to steve berens for the scans

Denon DP-30L

Uploaded the service manual and addendum for the Denon DP-30L automatic-lift, direct-drive Turntable. Many thanks to dlfetters for the scans

ESL Perfection in Record Reproduction

Fully illustrated 1955 ESL Products catalogue (en). Many thanks to topper for the scans

Sonographe SG-3 + SG-3SP

Full owners manual (en) for the Sonographe SG-3/SG-3SP turntable with Sumiko Premier MMT tonearm. Thanks again to panman for the scans

Technics SL-1301

Operating instructions (en) for the Technics SL-1301 automatic, direct drive turntable. Many thanks to panman for the scans

Dual Idler Drives

Added the mounting instructions (en,de,fr,es) and template for the Dual 1010S, 1015 and 1019 idler drive turntables. Many thanks to Jacques51 for the scans

Kenwood KD-770D

Service manual and schematics (en) for the Kenwood KD-770D Quartz Controlled Direct Drive Turntable. Many thanks to Hugo for the scans

BSR XL-1200

Owners manual (en) for the rare BSR XL-1200 Linear Tracking Full Automatic Turntable. Thanks again to Nat for the scans