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Mayware IV

Installation instructions (en) for the popular Mayware IV uni-pivot tonearm. Many thanks to Tails for the scans

Hacker Gondolier GP42

Added the instruction manual for the vintage Hacker Gondolier GP42 transportable record reproducer. Scans by JaS

Hunt EDA

Product catalogue for Hunt EDA record care accessories. Thanks again to Audio Origami for the scans

Helius Aureus

Advertising flyer detailing the Helius Aureus tonearm. Thanks again to Audio Origami for the scans

Nakamichi Dragon CT

Full service manual (en) for the Nakamichi Dragon CT computing turntable. Thanks again to Digger747 for the scans

Sony PS-X600

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Sony PS-X600 fully automatic direct drive turntable. Thanks again to Digger747 for the scans

Luxman PD121 + PD131

Service manual with schematic (en) for the Luxman PD121 and PD131 turntables. Many thanks to Alof 57 for the scans

Sony PS-X9

Added the service manual (en) for the classic Sony PS-X9 direct-drive turntable system. Thanks again to Digger747 for the scans

Rotel RP1000

Owners manual (en) added for the vintage Rotel RP-1000 turntable. Many thanks to Phoca for the scans

Sansui Service Manuals

Service manuals (en) for the Sansui FR-3060 belt-drive and SR-929 direct-drive turntables. Many thanks to Digger747 for the scans

Shure V15 type IV

Fully illustrated instruction manual (en) for the classic Shure V15 Super Track IV moving magnet cartridge. Many thanks to paop for the scans

Micro Seiki RX-5000 + RY-5500

User manual (en) for the Micro Seiki RX-5000 turntable and RY-5500 motor unit. Thanks again to kipdent for the scans

Technics SL-J2

Added the service manual (en) and supplement for the Technics SL-J2 fully automatic turntable. Many thanks to JackTheToad for the scans

Technics SL-B205

Uploaded the owners manual (en) for the Technics SL-B205 automatic turntable. Many thanks to fscl for the scans

Rabco ST-4

Instructions for the installation and use of the Rabco ST-4 straight line turntable. Many thanks to DC51012 for the scans

BIC 940

Owners manual (en) for the BIC 940 multiple play manual turntable. Many thanks to thechairguy for the scans

Marantz 6350

Added the full service manual (en) for the Marantz 6350 direct drive turntable. Many thanks to victorg for the scans

Thorens TD150 mkII A/B

User manual (de,fr) for the classic Thorens TD150 mkII A/B turntable. Thanks again to Banana for the scans

Marantz 6200

Service manual and schematics (en) for the Marantz 6200 turntable. Many thanks to tmsears for the scans

Pioneer PL-12D II

Uploaded the service manual (en) for the Pioneer PL-12D mk2 belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to howard51 for the scans

Sharp Optonica

Added owners manuals for the Sharp RP-11H, RP-116H, RP-155H, RP-200H, RP-304H and RP-1000H turntables. Thanks again to apple1984 for the scans

Technics SL-MA1

Instruction manual (en) for the fully automatic Technics SL-MA1 turntable system. Many thanks to Mark Williams for the scans