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Technics SP10 mkIIA

Service manual with schematics for the Technics SP-10 mk2A professional direct drive turntable. Many thanks to BeEvil for the scans

Connoisseur SAU2 + SAU4

Added a brochure, flyer and alternative instruction manual for the Connoisseur SAU2 gimbal tonearm, and a flyer for the SAU4 uni-pivot tonearm. Many thanks to mike2 for the scans

Dual 1235

Owners manual (en,de,fr) added for the Dual 1235 idler drive turntable. Many thanks to DUAL721 for the scans

Sanyo TP 825D

Service manual (en) for the Sanyo TP 825D Two Speed Stereo Direct Drive Turntable. Thanks again to PlatterMatter for the scans

Vandersteen Audio OL-1

Uploaded the instruction manual (en) for the Vandersteen Audio OL-1 Stereo Moving Coil Pre-Amplifier. Many thanks to leisual for the scans

KWillis Universal Accutrak protractor

New to the cartridge protractor page is the KWillis Universal Accutrak protractor. The tool allows fast and accurate alignment to Baerwald, Loefgren or Stevenson null points. Many thanks to KWillis

Russco Cue-Master + Studio-Pro model B

Added the instruction manuals for the Russco Cue-Master and Studio-Pro model B transcription turntables. Thanks again to juud for the scans.

Pickering XV-15

Instruction manual for the Pickering XV-15 Stereo Flux-Valve Cartridge. Many thanks to Mysteryed from Audiokarma for the scans.

Micro-Trak 303 A + 306 A

Owners manual and flyer for the Micro-Trak 303 A and 306 A professional tonearms. Many thanks to juud for the scans.

Dual 510

Added the owners manual (en, de) for the Dual 510 turntable. Thanks again to Jeepo65 for the scans.

Technics SL-J110R

Uploaded the full service manual (en) for the Technics SL-J110R Automatic Turntable System. Many thanks to ceccoGTI for the scans.

VPI Industries HW-19 mk III

Instruction manual (en) for the VPI Industries HW-19 mk III belt drive turntable. Many thanks to yeoldestereo for the scans.

Lenco VV7

Added the schematic (de) for the Lenco VV7 Internal Phono Preamplifier. Many thanks to Russ J for the scans.

Music Hall

Instruction manuals added for the Music Hall MMF-2.1, MMF-2.2/LE, MMF-5.1, MMF-5.1/SE, MMF-7.1, MMF-9, MMF-9.1 and PA1.2. Many thanks to blujazz for the scans.