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Archived News

Grado Micro Control

Added an installation manual, advertising flyer and review for the classic Grado Micro Control tonearm. Many thanks to fishylikeslps for the scan.

VPI Industries HW-19 mkIV

Uploaded the owners manual for the VPI Industries HW-19 mkIV turntable. Many thanks to yeoldestereo for the scans.


Instruction manual (en) for the Philips GA 209 turntable. Thanks again to tiggers97, and for blackknight over at Audiokarma for taking the time to scan.

Empire 2000Z

Added the instruction manual (en) for the Empire 2000Z phono cartridge. Many thanks to peter blohm for the scans.

Philips GA 209

Service manual (en) for the Philips GA 209 turntable. Many thanks to tiggers97 for the scans.

Denon DL-103R

Instruction manual for the Denon DL-103R Moving Coil Cartridge. Many thanks to delcam1n0 for the scans.

Philips Service Manuals

Added service manuals for the Philips AF967, GA408, GC008, GC009 and GF113 belt drive turntables.


Various additions/corrections made to the Philips turntables page. Many thanks to tiggers97 for his help.

Sony PS-X800

Added the owners manual (en) for the Sony PS-X800 Direct Drive Turntable. Many thanks to mjalazard for the scans.

Tonearm Database

The updated tonearm database is now online. Thanks again to Yosh for his invaluable help.

Philips GA 209 + GC 209

Service manual (de) and schematics for the Philips GA209 and GC209 turntables. Many thanks to alayn91 for the scans.

Panta RPH 340

Owners manual (en, ita) for the Panta RPH 340 fully automatic turntable. Many thanks to mperuc for the scans.