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Archived News

Denon DP-6000 + DP-6700

Owners manuals uploaded (en, fr) for the classic Denon DP-6000, DP-6700 turntables and optional DK-200 plinth. Thanks again to Zigggy for the scans

Nottingham Analogue

Simple one-page instruction sheet for the Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck, Ace Spacedeck and Space 294 turntables. Many thanks to Mushashimaru for the scans.

Linn Valhalla

Linn Valhalla schematic added to the library. Thanks again to Zigggy for the scans

General Electric VR + VR II

Manuals added for the vintage General Electric VR and VR II Variable Reluctance Cartridges and Styli. Thanks again to Brian C for the scans

Marlux MX-86

Uploaded the instruction manual for the Marlux MX-86 Two-Speed Direct-Drive Turntable. Thanks again to Alainleroy for the scans.

Shure Catalogues

Added the Shure M97 and 1979 High Fidelity product catalogues. Thanks again to John Stitzer for the scans

Oracle Alexandria

Owners manual added for the Oracle Alexandria mkIII belt-driven turntable. Many thanks to Zigggy for the scans.

Dynavector DV507 mkII

Added the installation manual for the Dynavector DV507 mkII bi-axis, inertia-controlled, dynamic-balance type tonearm.

Dual 701

English language owners manual added for the Dual 701 2-speed automatic single play turntable. Thanks again to Dualref at the Dual Reference website for the scans.

Dual Turntables

Added two Dual turntable catalogues, and flyers for the CS 505-2 and 701 turntables. Many thanks to John Stitzer for the scans

Dual CS 606

Uploaded the operating manual (en) and review for the Dual CS 606 2-Speed Direct-drive turntable with pitch control. Thanks again to John Stitzer for the scans

Dual 1228

Added the english language owners manual for the Dual 1228 idler-drive turntable. Thanks again to Dualref for the scans

Kyocera PL-601 + PL-701

Added the service manual and schematics for the Kyocera PL-601 and PL-701 belt-drive turntables. Thanks again to Dualref for the scans

Kenwood KD-5070

Operating manual (en) for the Kenwood KD-5070 2-speed, fully-automatic, Direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to John Stitzer for the scans

Acoustic Research Catalogue

Added the 1988 Acoustic Research catalogue. Thanks again to Klaus Mollgaard for the scans.

Thorens Mounting Template

Mounting template added for the Thorens TD134, TD135 and TD184 turntables. Thanks again to Geoff58 for the scans.

Technics SL-1200

Service manual supplement (en) for the Technics SL-1200mk2 and SL-1210mk2 direct-drive turntables. Thanks again to parsecaudio for the scans

Dual 1228

Uploaded the Dual 1228 instruction manual (de). Many thanks to Dualref for the scans

Micro Seiki

Full-colour advertising flyers added for the Micro Seiki BL-91 (L) turntable, and LC-40W and LC-80W moving-coil stereo cartridges. Many thanks to TBride for the scans