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Archived News

Ariston Audio RD11 + RD11S

Added the owners manual and brochure for the classic Ariston RD11S, and a flyer for the Ariston RD11 belt driven turntables. Many thanks to Ken J for the scans

Dual 704

English language service manual for the Dual 704 2-Speed Electronic Direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to Jim for the scans

Akai AP-004 + AP-420

Full Service manuals uploaded for the rare Akai AP-004 and AP-420 Fully Automatic Turntables. Many thanks to MarcelB for the scans

Kenwood KD-5100

Advertising brochure uploaded for the Kenwood KD-5100 Fully Automatic Turntable. Thanks again to Soundbug1 for the scans

Technics SL-H402

Owners manual for the Panasonic / Technics SL-H402 2-Speed Direct Drive Fully Automatic Turntable System. Many thanks to Paul C for the scans

SAEC WE-308 + WE-317S

English language instruction manuals added for the classic SAEC WE-308 and WE-317S Double Knife Edge Tonearms. Many thanks to Powermatic for the scans

Rega Tonearm Guide

Updated the Rega Tonearm Guide to include the new RB100 and RB301 arms

Pioneer PL-514

User manual for the Pioneer PL-514 auto-return belt-driven turntable. Thanks again to Soundbug1 for the scans

Pioneer PL-518

Uploaded the owners manual (en) for the Pioneer PL-518 direct-drive turntable. Many thanks to Soundbug1 for the scans

Rotel RQ-970BX

Service manual uploaded for the classic Rotel RQ-970BX MM/MC phono preamplifier. Many thanks to ponfan99 for the scans


Added rare setup instructions for the Source Turntable and a catalogue and flyers for both the Source and the matching Odyssey RP1 Tonearm. Many thanks to Brianwatson for the scans

Tonearm Database

Another small update to the Tonearm Database

CEC BD-6000

Rare user manual (en,de,fr,sv) added for the CEC BD-6000 Belt-driven turntable. Thanks again to Dynacophil for the scans

Da Vinci Audio Labs Grandezza

Added instructions and mounting information for the Swiss-made Da Vinci Audio Labs Grandezza Gimbal bearing tonearm