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Goldring Excelda 1

Uploaded the instruction manual (en) for the Goldring Excelda 1 Belt Drive Turntable, the forerunner to the current Pro-ject range of turntables. Many thanks to Kramer for the scans

Opera Audio

Added instruction manuals and/or flyers for the Opera Audio ST100 and ST600 Tonearms, and the Droplet LP5.0, Forbidden City Liu and LP2.0 Turntables

Grace G-727 Gyro Master

Added the rare owners manual for the Grace G727 Gyro Master Stereo Tonearm. Many thanks to Blagger64 for the scans

Tonearm Database

Small Update to the Tonearm Database with several fixes and the addition of Opera Audios arms

Michell Syncro

Added the rare owners manual (en) for the Michell Syncro 2 Speed Belt Drive Turntable. Many thanks to Mrarpeggio for the scans

Harman Kardon

Added owners manuals (en) for the Harman Kardon ST5, ST6, T20, T25, T30C, T35, T40, T45, T45C, T55C, T60 and T65C Turntables.

Luxman PD441 + PD444

Added advertising flyers (en) for the classic Luxman PD441 and PD444 Direct Drive Turntables. Thanks again to Fopa for the scans