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Added Owners manuals for the Dynavector P-75 and PHA 200 Phono Head-amplifiers.

Tonearm Database

Updated the searchable tonearm database

Shure MV30HE

Instruction manual uploaded for the Shure MV30HE Miniature Low Mass integrated cartridge arm. Thanks again to Johnnynorre for the scans

Yamaha MC-11

User manual (en,de,fr,jp) for the Yamaha MC-11 Moving Coil Cartridge. Thanks again to Johnnynorre for the scans

Ortofon OM Series

Uploaded instruction manuals (en,de,fr) for the Ortofon OM5E, OMP5E, OM10 Super, OM20 Super and OM30 Super Magnetic pick-ups. Thanks again to Johnnynorre for the scans

Empire Dynamic Interface Series

User manuals for the Empire 100S, 200E, 300ME, 400TC, 500ID and 600LAC dynamic interface series, stereo phono cartridges. Thanks again to Johnnynorre for the scans

Dynavector Karat 19A

Uploaded the instruction manual (en,jp) for the Dynavector Karat 19A Stereo Moving Coil Cartridge, and the maintenance manual (en,jp) for Karat cartridges. Thanks again to Johnnynorre for the scans

Audio Technica

Added the installation manual for the Audio Technica AT11E, AT12E, AT12Sa and AT12XE, AT13Ea, AT14Sa, AT15Sa and AT15XE and the AT20SLa Dual Magnet Phonograph cartridges. Many thanks to Johnnynorre for the scans

Pioneer Library Update

Owners manuals added for the Pioneer PL-41, PL-41A, PL-41C, PL-50, PL-520, PU-41A and PU-41B turntables. Also the full service manual for the PL-L1000 direct drive turntable with linear tracking tonearm. Thanks again to Monk1973 for the scans

Hadcock GH 220

Owners manual for the Hadcock GH 220 standard bearing type tonearm. Many thanks to Paul Harriss for the scans

Sony PS-LX55II

Full service manual and correction sheet uploaded for the Sony PS-LX55 mkII Linear tracking turntable. Scans by JaS

Micro Seiki MA-707

Uploaded the operating manual and mounting information for the Micro Seiki MA-707 Dynamic balanced gimbal bearing tonearm. Many thanks to psb155 for the scans

Sonus Formula IV

User manual for the classic Sonus Formula IV Unipivot Laboratory Standard Tonearm. Many thanks to Franklin for the scans


Added the owners manual for the FONS CQ30 3-Speed Belt Driven Turntable. Many thanks to Thefordprefect for the scans

Micro Seiki MA-505

Uploaded the operating manual, service manual and mounting template for the Micro Seiki MA-505 Dynamic Balanced Universal Tonearm. Many thanks to AlexeyM for the scans


Owners manual (en, de, fr) for the JVC JL-A1 auto return belt drive turntable. Many thanks to Goulven for the scans

Grace G-707 mkII

Owners manual (en) for the Grace G 707 mkII Stereo Tonearm. Thanks again to Sanford for the scans

Denon Direct Drive

Added the user manuals (en, fr) for the Denon DP-3000, DP-3500F and DP-3700F Two-speed servo-controlled direct-drive turntables. Many thanks to Morfeas for the scans

Denon DP-1100 + DP-1250

Added the user manual (en) for the Denon DP-1100 and DP-1250 2-Speed Direct Drive Turntables. Many thanks to Sanford for the scans