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Pioneer PL-5 + PL-420

Added the service manuals (en) for the Pioneer PL-5 and PL-420 2-Speed direct-drive turntables. Thanks to Packratt for the scans

Dual 1219

Added the user manual (en) and service manuals (en,de) for the Dual 1219 3-Speed Idler Drive Turntable.

Goldring Lenco GL 70

Added the instruction manual (en) for the Goldring Lenco GL70 Idler Drive Turntable. Thanks to Trondkj for the scans

Micro Seiki DD-40

Added the user manual (en) for the Micro Seiki DD-40 2-Speed Direct Drive Turntable. Many thanks to Manison for the scans

Shure Audio Obstacle Course

Added the owners manuals for the Shure TTR-101 Trackability Test Record and the M7D Stereo Custom Dynetic Cartridge.

Dual 1229

Added the service manual (en) for the Dual 1229 3-Speed Idler Drive Turntable. Thanks again to OilyM for the scans

Pioneer Turntables

Added the owners manual for the Pioneer PL-55DX, the service manual and schematics for the PL-X7 and an advertising brochure for the PL-300. Thanks again to Monk1973 for the scans

DIY Strobe

Added two Hewlett-Packard PCL-3 format printable files for the DIY Turntable Strobe. Thanks again to Steerpike_jhb for his work