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Sony PUA-1600 L/S

Rare owners manual (jp) added for the Sony PUA-1600 L/S series tonearms. Many thanks to Makarushka for the Scans


Uploaded manuals for the Dual ASP 120, CS 728Q and CS 731Q turntables.

Nakamichi TX-1000

Owners manual and Service info added for the rare Nakamichi TX-1000 2-Speed Quartz controlled direct-drive turntable with absolute center search system. Many thanks to Rgordonpf for the Scans

Dual Turntable Manuals

Added manuals for the Dual CS 741Q, CS 750, CST 100, SP 85 and SP 100 turntables.


Full service manual uploaded for the classic JVC SRP-473E 2-Speed belt drive record player. Thanks again to JVC_Graz for the scans.

Micro Seiki Solid-5

Owners manual added for the Micro Seiki Solid-5 2-Speed DC Servo Belt Drive Turntable. Many thanks to Dleandre for the Scans

Dual 1019

Added the multi-language instruction manual (en, de, fr, es) for the Dual 1019 4-Speed Fully Automatic Idler-drive turntable. The manual is available for free download in the Dual section of the library now. Many thanks to Vdidier for the scans.