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Toho T-2401

Owners manual and flyer for the Toho T-2401 Double-band chucking type pipe exchange tonearm and flyer for the TH-80 Universal Arm Base. Many thanks to QB for the Scans and also for the excellent photos of the T-2401 in the Toho gallery.

Tonearm Database

Updated the searchable Tonearm Database. Thanks again to Yosh for his invaluable help

Micro Seiki MA-202

Full owners manual added for the classic Micro Seiki MA-202 tonearm. Many thanks to Iron for the Scans


Added service manuals (en, de, fr) for the Dual CS 138, CS 150Q, CS 415, CS 511, CS 514, CS 515 and CS 530. Service manuals (de) for the PS 400, 521 and CS 522, and instruction manuals (en, de, fr, nl, es, sv, ita) for the CS 511 and CS 525 turntables.

Technics SL-L3

Full service manual (en) and service supplement (en, de, fr, es) added for the Technics SL-L3 turntable. Scans by JaS

Audio Technica AT 637

Instruction manual uploaded for the Audio Technica AT 637 Ultrasonic stylus cleaner. Thanks to JT57 for the scans

Sony PS-LX330

Service manual added for the Sony PS-LX330 2-Speed belt drive turntable. Scans by JaS

Sony PS-LX310 / LX311

Service manuals added for the Sony PS-LX310 and PS-LX311 2-speed direct drive turntables. Scans by JaS

Barthe Rotofluid Pro III

Added the user manual (fr) for the Barthe Rotofluid Pro III 2-speed belt drive turntable. Thanks again to Alainleroy for the scans.

Dual CS505-1

I've scanned the multi-language instruction manual (en, de, fr, nl, es, sv, ita) for the Dual CS 505-1 2-Speed Automatic Belt-drive turntable and the matching Dual TKS 49S Ultra low mass HiFi stereo magnetic cartridge. The manuals are available for free download in the Dual section of the library now.

Dual CS 1268

Service manual (en, de, fr) added for the Dual CS 1268 2-speed belt drive turntable.

Sony PS-X5

Instruction manual uploaded for the Sony PS-X5 2-speed direct drive turntable. Thanks again to Herbman1975 for the scans.

Dual CS 528

Instruction manual and service manuals (en, de, fr) added for the Dual CS 528 2-speed belt drive turntable.

Dual 521

Instruction manual (en, de, fr) for the Dual 521 Belt-Driven turntable.