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Archived News

Rega P1

Instruction manuals (en, fr) added for the all new Rega P1 Belt-Driven turntable.

Logic DM 101

Added Schematics and explanatory notes for the Logic DM 101 turntable. Thanks to Kelvin

Signet XK35

Instruction manual, mounting template and overhang gauge added for the Signet XK35 low mass tonearm. Thanks to Bauzace50 for the scans

Tonearm Database

Another big update of the Tonearm Database with many additional models added.

Technics SL-1900

Service manual and service supplement added for the Technics SL-1900 turntable.


Installation manual for the ADC XLM mkII improved Omni-pivot induced magnet stereo cartridge.

Audio Technica

Japanese language user manuals and brochures uploaded for the Audio Technica 1500 series tonearms, including the AT1501 and AT1503 mkIII / mkIV.

Empire EDR9

User manual for the Empire EDR9 stereo moving magnet cartridge. Thanks again to Finkerbell for the scans.

Harman Kardon

Added the service manuals for the Harman Kardon T55C, T60C and T65C turntables to the library. Thanks again to Manitoulin for the scans


Instruction manual for the Nagaoka RC100 and RC200 Rolling record cleaners.

Ortofon LM

Installation manuals for the LM 10 and LM 15 Low mass stereo moving magnet cartridges. Thanks again to Finkerbell for the scans.

Sony PS-J

Uploaded instruction manuals for the Sony PS-J10 and PS-J11 turntables.


Added the user manuals for the Stanton 581 and 681 cartridges. Thanks to Finkerbell for the scans

Technics SL-1900

User manual (en,de) for the Technics SL-1900 turntable. Thanks again to Brunog for the scans


User manuals for the Telefunken S600, TW 501 and TW 561 turntables. Thanks to Brunog for the scans

Ortofon Pick-ups Catalogue

Rare, early 1960s Ortofon Catalogue containing details of the A 212, S 212, SK 212, RK 309, RF 309 and RM 309 tonearms. Also contains specs on the type A, type AD and type C pick-ups / cartridges. Thanks again to Brian C for the scans

Music Hall MMF-5

Added the instruction manual for the Music Hall MMF-5 belt-drive turntable. Many thanks to riche_guy for the scans.


Full service manual uploaded for the classic ARC-50 4-speed Automatic record changer. Thanks again to JVC_Graz for the scans.

Ortofon RS-212

User manual uploaded for the classic Ortofon RS-212 Professional tonearm. The manual also contains information on the S15 and SL15 cartridges and the Ortofon 2-15K Plug in transformer. Many thanks to Perucki for the scans

Garrard 401

Added the French language translation of the user manual for the classic Garrard 401 Professional 3-speed Idler-drive turntable. Many thanks to Arthur and Flebas

Tonearm Database

Updated the searchable Tonearm Database to include many additional models and a few corrections.