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Archived News

Micro Seiki MR-122

Full english language user manual added for the Micro Seiki MR-122 Belt-driven turntable. Thanks again to Dynacophil for the excellent scans

ESL S-2000 Stereo tonearm

Added the user manual for the classic ESL (Electro-Sonic Laboratories) S-2000 Stereo Tonearm and the advertising flyer for the earlier S-1000. Many thanks to kstaskiewicz over at the Audiokarma forum for the scans

ION Audio

Uploaded the user manuals for the ION Audio iTTUSB, iPT01 and iTT03X turntables.

Thorens TD 110 + 115

Uploaded the user manuals (en,de,fr) for the Thorens TD110 and TD115 belt-driven turntables.

Dual 704

Service manual (de) uploaded for the Dual 704 turntable.

Dual Catalogue 1980-81

Added the full colour 1980-81 Dual Turntable Catalogue featuring the multi-play 1257 and 1264 turntables, and the single play models the 506, 522, 606, 622, 650RC, 714Q and 731Q. Many thanks to Jandrus for the scans

Garrard Turntable Brochure

Uploaded an early 1970s Garrard product brochure. Thanks again to spet0114 for the scans

Sme service identification sheet

Added a scan of an SME identification sheet for use by customers to identify the model of SME arm they have prior to a service enquiry. Suitable for 3009 series tonearms. Thanks again to Yosh for the scans

Acoustic Research XB1

User manual added for the Acoustic Research (AR) XB1 turntable. Thanks again to Computeruser for the scans

Sony Service Manuals

Service manuals uploaded for the Sony PS-LX51, PS-LX56, PS-LX60, PS-LX66, PS-LX100, PS-LX120, PS-LX285, PS-LX150, PS-LX200, PS-LX430, PS-LX431 and PS-LX433 turntables. Thanks again to Computeruser for the scans