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Technics SH-50P1

User manual added for the Technics SH-50P1 electronic stylus gauge.


Added user manuals (en, de, fr) for the Goldring GR1.2 and GR2 budget turntables.

Goldring Lenco

Uploaded a scan of the Goldring Lenco 1973 product catalogue, featuring the GL85, GL78, GL75, GL72 and G101 turntables.

Stevenson Protractor

Seb has created a new protractor based on Stevenson alignment method. It is available for download now on the Protractor Page.


Uploaded the english language user manual for the JVC QL-Y3F turntable, and german language flyers for the JL-A20, JL-F30. QL-5, QL-7, QL-A2 and QL-F4. Thanks again to JVC_Graz for the scans.

Audio Technica

Added User manuals for the Audio Technica AT-PL120 direct-drive turntable and the AT150MLX MM cartridge.


Huge update to the Bluenote library page, including manuals for the Bellavista, Belvedere and Piccolo turntables, and the B5 Signature, B7 Titanium, Bellaria, Betania, Borghese and U3 Signature tonearms.


Uploaded the service manual and schematics for the JVC QL-F61 turntable. Thanks again to JVC_Graz for the scans.

Sanyo TP 625

User and Service manuals uploaded for the Sanyo TP625 turntable. Many thanks to Nick625 for the scans

Micro Seiki MR-611

Added the user manual for the Micro Seiki MR 611 turntable. Many thanks to Davidsss for the scans.

Bluenote U-3

Full setup manual for the Bluenote U3 uni-pivot tonearm added to the library.

JMW 9 Memorial

Uploaded the user manual for the JMW 9 Memorial tonearm

VPi HW-17

VPi Industries HW 17 record cleaner manual added to the library.

Infinity Black Widow

Uploaded an improved scan of the Infinity Black Widow tonearm user manual to the library.

JVC L-F66 Automatic

Uploaded the service manual for the JVC L-F66 and the supplemetary service manual for the JVC VL-8 turntables Thanks again to JVC-Graz for the scans

Bluenote B5

Full setup manuals for the Bluenote B5 and B5 mkII tonearms added to the library.


Added the rare service manual for the classic JVC VL-8 4 Channel Ready turntable. Thanks again to JVC-Graz for the scans