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User manual uploaded for the JVC QL-Y5F turntable and the CD4-50 disc demodulator. Thanks again to JVC-Graz for the rare scans

Sony HA-T10

User manual/leaflet for the Sony HA-T10 mini step-up transformer. Thanks to Seb for the scans


Full user manual uploaded for the JVC JL-F45 turntable. Many thanks to JVC-Graz for the scans

Les step-up et cellules MC

Added to the Library a new article by Seb detailing the art of matching moving coil cartridges and step-ups. French language only for now but an English translation is in the pipeline.

Lenco L78

User manual (eng/de/fr) uploaded for the Lenco L78 turntable. Thanks to Kaylee for the scans

Linn Ittok flyer

Added a french language flyer for the classic Linn Ittok tonearm to the library. Thanks to Steph2401 for the scans.


3 scans of classic head amp / moving coil step-up reviews added to the members section of the forum. Thanks again to Docjowe for the scans


Scanned the full Service manual and spares list for the classic Garrard 50 mkII, SL55, 60 mkII and SL65 turntables. The manual can be downloaded now from the Garrard page in the library.

Denon DP 59L

User manual (eng/fr) uploaded for the Denon DP59L turntable.

Denon DP 57L + 62L

User manual (eng/fr/de) for the classic Denon DP57L and DP62L turntables. Thanks again to Ed at for the scans.

Micro Seiki MA 505

Japanese language user manual for the Micro Seiki MA-505 tonearm uploaded. Thanks to Shannon for the scans.