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Linn LP12 Sondek

User manual and wiring diagram added for the original 1973 Linn LP12 Sondek turntable. Thanks again to ebreckpo for the scans


Uploaded product brochures for the new range of Thorens turntables: TD170, TD190, TD295, TD350, TD800, TD2010 and TD2030

Technics SL1200 M3D

Service manual and supplement for the Technics SL1200 M3D turntable added to the library. Thanks to Swagger for the scans.

JVC turntables timline

Turntables timeline added to the JVC Page. Thanks again to JVC_Graz

Acos Rega (Planet) turntable

User manual for the rare Acos Rega (Planet) turntable. The deck is similar to the later Planar models but features 3 pods instead of a glass platter and a simplified version of the Acos Lustre tonearm.

Denon DP35F / DP45F

Full user manual [eng/fr/de] for the Denon DP35F and DP45F turntables added to the library. Many thanks to Swagger for the scans.

Sumiko VTA-16 Base

Mounting template for the optional VTA-16 mounting base which fitted the Sumiko range of tonearms. The base makes it possible to adjust VTA on the fly.

Cartridge Alignment Protractors

Updated the alignment protractors page and added Sebs new Chpratz protractor. This allows users to align a cartridge to any two null points between 60 and 150mm, a quick and easy way to judge the sonic merits of different alignment methods.

Dual 1249

User manual for the classic Dual 1249 turntable