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JVC Cartridges

Uploaded two pages of specifications for JVC cartridges and a German language review for the QL-Y5F turntable. Thanks again to JVC_Graz

EMT 930

French language user manual for the classic EMT 930 turntable. Thanks to Tube44 for the manual and Seb for doing the scans.

JVC Z3-ED cartridge

User manual for the JVC Z-3ED cartridge added to the library. Thanks again to JVC_Graz.

Marantz Technology

Uploaded the 1989 Marantz Technology catalogue and price list.

Ion Systems

Added a brochure documenting the Ion Systems Obelisk range of integrated amplifiers.

Technics SL1300

Full english language user manual uploaded for the Technics SL-1300 direct drive turntable. Many thanks to berwynsl1300 for the scans.

Accuphase C7

User manual for the Accuphase C7 moving coil head amplifier uploaded thanks to steph2401

JVC MC-L10 / MC-5E

Full 40 page user manual (multi language) added for the JVC MC-L10 and MC-5E cartridges. Thanks again to JVC-Graz for the scans

Denon DP61-F

User manual for the Denon DP 61-F turntable uploaded to the library, where you will also find the service manual. Many thanks to witoman for the scans

Shure V15 III

User manual for the Shure V15 type III and III-g added to the library.

Ortofon OM

Ortofon OM series flyer uploaded. Also two reviews of the Zeta tonearm added to the members section of the forum. Thanks to Audio Origami for the scans

Pioneer PL-7

Pioneer PL-7 user manual added to the library. Thanks again to Jsmiddleton for the scans

QED Products

QED product brochure from 1985 outlining their System 230 range. Thanks again to AudioOrigami for the scans

Dual + Sansui Catalogues

Full early 1980s Sansui catalogue + 1984 Dual new products brochure outlining the CS514 and CS515 Turntables. Thanks to AudioOrigami for the scans.

Well Tempered

User manuals for the Well Tempered Turntable and Tonearm added to the library. Thanks to steph2401 for the scans

Dynavector DV505

French translation of the Dynavector DV505 user manual uploaded. Thanks to Sham at

Pioneer PL-640

Full user manual for the Pioneer PL-640 turntable added to the library. Many thanks to Jsmiddleton

AR Forum

Added an Acoustic Research category to the forum, moderated by ddarch from Vinyl Nirvana.

Shure SFG-2

User manual added for the Shure SFG-2 Stylus tracking force gauge.

Sonneteer Sedley

User manual for the Sonneteer Sedley phono stage added to the library

Thorens TD115

Thorens TD 115 user manual uploaded to the library. Thanks to Tomh for the scans.