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Archived News

Sony PS-X6 + PS-X7

Full service manual and supplement added for the Sony PS-X6 / PS-X7 turntables. Many thanks to Jazzjens for the scans and pdf creation.

Marantz 6300

Rare user manual for the Marantz 6300 turntable uploaded to the library. Many thanks to Marrob for the excellent scans.

KAM turntable manuals

Added user manuals for the KAM range of DJ turntables.

Lehmann Audio

Added 4 Lehmann Audio advertising flyers with specifications for the black cube range of phono preamplifiers

Pioneer PL-51

User manual for the Pioneer PL-51 (german) uploaded to the library. Thanks to Peter Roth for the excellent scans.

Glanz Cartridge Data

Thanks again to JM Reboul, this time for rare scans of Glanz cartridge data (french language)

Garrard MRM 101

Service information added for the rare Garrard MRM101 Music Recovery Module (scratch suppressor). Many thanks to Secret-Sound-Labs for the scans.

Numark Turntables

For all you DJ types out there, Ive added another 13 Numark turntable and cartridge user manuals to the library.


Updated Omnitronic page in the library and added a further 13 manuals

Teres turntables

Updated the Teres page in the library and uploaded 7 additional manuals.

Rotel turntable manuals

Added 8 new Rotel turntable manuals to the library

VPI Industries

Added VPI turntable manuals and JMW tonearm manuals to the library


Uploaded user manuals for the Schroder Model 1, Model 2, DPS and Reference tonearms.