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Pickering FA112 - FA145

Full setup manual for the Pickering FA112 - FA145 vintage turntables. Many thanks to Lowther of The Sound of the Valve website for the scans.

Goldring GL68

Another golden oldie from colclarke, this time the manual for the Goldring GL68 turntable.

Acos Lustre GST 1 Sound Tracer

User manual for the classic Lustre GST1 tonearm in English and Japanese. Many Thanks to plastic77 for the scans.

Garrard model 4HF turntable

User manual added for the classic Garrard 4HF turntable. Thanks to colclarke for the scans.

Keith Monks Record Machines

Its Keith Monks day at the vinyl engine! Added to the library are a 22 page product catalogue, 4 page record cleaning machine catalogue and the 7 page parts catalogue for the CR501, 502 and 503 mkII and mkIII record cleaning machines. Scans by JaS, catalogues donated by Audio Origami.

Sumiko Cartridge manuals

User manuals for Sumiko Oyster / Black Pearl / Pearl / Blue Point / Blue Point Special and Blackbird uploaded. Thanks to Sumoking for the scans

Ortofon MC and VMS catalogue

Complete Ortofon cartridge catalogue with technical information for 23 different cartridges as well as full specifications for the T2000, T20, T10 and T5 moving coil transformers. Scans by JaS, catalogue donated by Audio Origami.

Logic Products

Flyers uploaded for the Logic DM101 turntable, Datum tonearm and Claro cartridges. All include product specs. Scans by JaS, flyers donated by Audio Origami.

Hunt EDA Carbon Fibre Brush

User manual for the original Hunt EDA carbon fibre record cleaning brush. Scans by JaS, manual donated by Audio Origami.

Alphason HR 100S

A nice selection here for fans of this arm, an Alphason HR 100S brochure, review and 1985 dealer price list. Scans by JaS, documents donated by Audio Origami.

Dynavector Products Brochure

Covers the DV501 and 505 tonearms and Karat cartridges etc. Scans by JaS, brochure donated by Audio Origami.

Denon product brochure

From the early 1980s comes this 32 page Denon product brochure. It covers 13 turntables, 5 tonearms, 9 cartridges, 5 phono stages and a solitary CD player. Scans by JaS, documents donated by Audio Origami.

Stanton 881S

Stanton 881S cartridge technical manual. Scans by Prot66

Dual CS 506

English user manual uploaded for the Dual CS 506 turntable. Thanks to Maisonoir for the scans

Linn LP12 review

Scan of a 1974 Linn LP12 review added to the library. Thanks again to Colclarke.