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Archived News

Dynamic Sound Devices Load Optimiser

User manual for the Dynamic Sound Devices Load Optimiser. Thanks to Burkina for the scans and translation.

SAE 2800 Parametric Equalizer

Thanks to trisho0 for the user manual for the SAE 2800 Parametric Equalizer

Dual 1019 Service manual

Extremely useful 20 page service manual for the classic Dual 1019 turntable uploaded. Thanks to JMC7.

Stanton 680 AL + EL

User manual for the Stanton 680AL / EL Disco Duty Cartridges. Thanks again to Burkina for the scans.

Big Update

A brace of new files added courtesy of Audio Origami: Alphason Opal, Delta and Xenon user manual, Decca Super Gold manual, Garrot Protractor, Helius Dealer update bulletin 1985, Helius Orion template, Helius Scorpio manual and template and Logic Datum template.

Helius Aureus

Setup manual and template for the Helius Aureus Tonearm

Helius Aureus protractor

Protractor for the Helius Aureus tonearm added

Syrinx PU2 Tonearm

Setup instructions uploaded for the Syrinx PU2 tonearm. Scans by Disturber.

SME 3009 + 3012 S2 Service Sheet 30

Thanks to Darkstar for the SME service sheet

Garrard Zero 100C

Full user manual and mounting template for the classic Garrard Zero 100C. Many thanks to Argentinoroberto!

Rabco SL-8E

Setup manual for the rare Rabco SL-8E tonearm uploaded.

Helius Orion Flyer

Rare flyer for the Helius Orion mkI tonearm with the manufacturer explaining the principles behind its design. Scans by AudioOrigami

Ariston RD11 + RD80 + RD110

Full user manual for the Ariston RD11, RD80 and RD110 turntables. Many thanks to Tomsk for the excellent scans.

Systemdek Transcription Turntable

Brochure and specifications for the classic Systemdek Transcription Turntable uploaded. Thanks again to Colclarke.