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Shure N92E (M92E Stylus)

Multi language user manual added for the Shure N92E Stylus. Thanks again to JM Reboul for the scans.

Luxman PD 121 turntable

Another rarity here, the user manual for the classic Luxman PD 121 turntable. Thanks to vinylist.

Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor

Rare user manual for the Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor. Thanks again to Computeruser

Monolithic PS1

User manual for the Monolithic PS1 phono stage uploaded

Dual CS731 Q service manual

Service manual for the Dual CS731 Q turntable added to the library. Thanks to Rgibson177

Thorens TD125

French language brochure for the Thorens TD125 turntable uploaded along with a 1967 review from toute l'electronique for the Ortofon RS212 tonearm. Thanks again to Alainleroy

Technics SL-J2

A useful basic maintenance PDF for the Technics SL-J2 turntable uploaded. Thanks to Adddiaz

Kenwood KD700D

Thanks to Caneton for the full user manual for the Kenwood KD700D turntable.

Grace G545 tonearm

User manual for the Grace G545 tonearm added to the library. Scans courtesy of Alainleroy

Sony XL20 + XL30

French instruction manual for the Sony XL20 and XL30 cartridges. Thanks to Stephlouv for the scans.

Shure SEK2

User manual uploaded for the Shure SEK2 Stylus Evaluation Kit which includes useful information for examining different stylus profiles under a microscope. Many thanks to Computeruser for the scans.