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Archived News

Thorens TD 2001

User manual for the Thorens TD2001 turntable added to the library. Thanks to Jethrot for the scans.

Philips EG7000

Specifications for the rare Philips EG7000 step-up transformer added to the library. Thanks to Seb for getting the scans.

Shure MP94E and M94E

Shure MP 94E and M 94E multi-language user manual uploaded. Many thanks to JM Reboul for the scans.

Denon DL 103 M

Japanese language manual for the Denon DL103M cartridge added to library. Thanks to Mtiberi for the scans.

Audio Technica AT700T (french)

Many thanks to Jerome for the french language user manual for the AT700T moving coil transformer

Hi-Fi Review 1987

Fascinating comparison of three classic arms from the September 1987 edition of Hi-Fi Review, the Alphason HR100S, Kuzma Stogi and SME IV. Thanks again to Gerard for the scans.

Philips GA212 Turntable

Multi language user manual added for the european version of the Philips GA212 turntable. Also instructions for the Philips Super M series of cartridges, the GP400, GP401 and GP412. Many thanks to Noisette for the scans.

Denon DL 103

Yet another cartridge manual from Gerard. This is for the classic Denon DL 103.

Goldring Eroica cartridge

Mounting details and technical specifications for the Goldring Eroica and Eroica L cartridges added to the library. Thanks to Gerard for the scans.

Denon DP 60L turntable

From Burkina we have the full 33 page user manual for the classic Denon DP 60L turntable in English, French and German.

Tonearm Specifications v.2.05

My tonearm specifications guide has been updated to v.2.05 with several new tonearms added and a few corrections.

Denon DL110 and DL160

User manuals added for the Denon DL-110 and DL-160 cartridges. Thanks to Abril for the scans.