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Sony PS-5100 turntable

Thanks again to Unkouth for the owners manual for the Sony PS-5100 turntable.

Shure ME105E Cartridge

Another user manual added by Burkina, this time for the Shure ME105E cartridge.

Thorens Protractor

Seb has added an Arc protractor specifically for setting up Thorens turntables that are fitted with standard arms (see file for more details). Also new is the Stevenson type alignment protractor which uses similar null points to Regas geometry.

Pioneer PL-112D

Many thanks to Burkina for the superb scans of the user manual for the Pioneer PL112D turntable, up in the library now.

Syntec S220 + Japan Piezo PU402

Syntec S220 and Japan Piezo PU402 manuals uploaded (spot the difference!). Jaegerplan solved this particular mystery.

Grace 704 + 714

Rare manual for the Grace 704 / 714 tonearms uploaded by de Berny.

SME 3009-R + 3010-R + 3012-R

Yet another version of the manual for the SME 3009, this time for the R variant. Very useful setup advice thanks to Master Kerozene.

Micro Seiki DQX 500

User manual added for the Micro Seiki DQX 500 turntable. Thanks to Jackio for the scans.