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Archived News

Technics SL-J2

Technics SL-J2 user manual added to the library. Many thanks to Adddiaz for the scans.

Kenwood KD500

Manual for the Kenwood KD 500 turntable. Thanks again to M Tiberi.

Rega P25

English language user manual for the Rega P25 turntable added. Thanks to Dbnh for the scans.

Garrard Zero 100

User manual for the Garrard Zero 100 turntable uploaded. Thanks to Holger for the scans.

Harman Kardon T20 + T25

Service manuals uploaded for the Harman Kardon T20 and T25 turntables. Thanks again to Manitoulin for the excellent scans.

Denon DP 61F

Full service manual added for the Denon DP 61F turntable. Many thanks to Kerosene for the scans.

Perpetuum-Ebner PE3015

User manual for the Perpetuum-Ebner PE3015 turntable. Thanks again to Unkouth.

Garrard SPG2

Manual for the SPG2 stylus pressure guage. Scans by Unkouth.

Nottingham Analogue

From my old hometown a brace of wafer-thin Nottingham Analogue manuals and brochures uploaded - Spacedeck, Horizon, Horizon SE, Dais, Rega arm and sales brochure.