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Empire 598 III Troubador

Many thanks to trisho0 for the scans of the rare Empire 598 III user manual.

Souther Linear Tracker

Setup manual for the legendary Souther Linear Tracking tonearm added to the library. Many thanks to 1freddyb for the scans!

Harman Kardon ST8

Full owners manual for the Harman Kardon ST8 turntable scanned by Manitoulin.

Harman Kardon

More Harman Kardon manuals scanned by Manitoulin: HK720 semi-auto turntable service manual, T30C service manual supplement, service manual supplement and T45C service manual supplement.

Harman Kardon ST5

Service manual added for the Harman Kardon ST6 turntable. Thanks again to Manitoulin for the scans.

NAD 5120

A bit of a rarity for the original flat arm NAD 5120 turntable here, the full english language service manual thanks to secret-sound-labs.

Harman Kardon ST6

Service manual added for the Harman Kardon ST6 turntable. Many thanks to Manitoulin for the excellent scans.

Audio Technica AT1120 tonearm

User manual and fitting instructions for the Audio Technica AT1120 tonearm. Thanks to mrsbadcrumble for the scans.

Dynavector DV 50X mk2

Instructions for the Dynavector DV 50X mk2 cartridge kindly scanned by Stefanini33.

Audio Technica Catalogue 1982-83

Added the 1982-83 Audio Technica Product Catalogue. Includes pictures and specifications on the entire range of cartridges, tonearms, phono stages and accesories.