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Ultracraft AC300 mkII + AC400 mkII

User manual for the Ultracraft AC300 mkII and AC400 mkII tonearms. Thanks to Stefanini33 for the excellent scans.

Pro-ject Alignment Tool

Added the instructions for the Pro-ject Cartridge Alignment Tool.

Strathearn SMA 2 Brochure

Added scans of the Strathearn SMA 2 turntable brochure.

Lenco L75

Good news for fans of the classic Lenco L75, Berterre has uploaded superb scans of the user manual in 6 languages.

SME Information Sheet 2C

Instructions for fitting the phono conversion kit to SME series 2 and series 2 improved tonearms. Scans by Jitze

Mayware Formula 4 mkIII

Added the user manual for the Mayware Formula 4 mkIII tonearm. Scanned by Abcachelin.

Townshend + Elite Rock turntable

Added the setup manual for the rare Townshend / Elite Rock turntable. Scans thanks to Friendly.