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Michell Tecno Arm + Rega RB300 OEM

User manuals added for both the Michell Tecno and Rega RB300 OEM tonearms. Thanks again to Ebreckpo for the excellent scans.

Michell Orbe

Thanks to Ebreckpo for scanning the rare setup manual for Michells top turntable the Orbe.

Sony PS-X800 Turntable

Full service manual added for the fascinating Sony PS-X800 Linear tracking, Direct drive turntable. Many thanks to alxgill for scanning all 62 pages!


A few more Pro-ject manuals added to the library.

Yamaha Turntable manuals

User manuals added for the following Yamaha turntables: P-07, P-450, P-520, P-850, PX-2, PX-3, TT-400 and the YP-700.

Rega RB250 manual

Just in case you missed this one, the user manual for the Rega RB250 tonearm is up in the library.

Technics SL1200 + 120

Thanks again to Brent, this time for the scans of the Technics SL1200 / SL120 mkI turntable user manual. Up in the library now.

Thorens TD124 service sheet 22 (german)

Many thanks to Ebreckpo for sending in the scans of the Thorens TD124 service sheet 22

Hi-Fi News Analogue Test LP

We review the latest version of the best-selling HFN setup record.