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Rotel RP820 Turntable

I've scanned the User manual for the Rotel RP820 semi-automatic turntable and added it to the library. The manual is in English, French and German.

Acoustic Research EB101 - fitting alternative tone

I've scanned the supplement to the Acoustic Research EB101 manual I uploaded a few days ago: Instructions for fitting alternative tonearms.

Audio Technica AT3200XE

30 page manual for the Audio Technica AT3200XE cartridge in english, french and german. Thanks again to P-J

Mission 775 SM

Thanks to Deck for the scans of the mission 775 SM turntable manual

Thorens TD280 mkII

User manual and alignment template for the TD 280 mkII turntable added to the library. Please note that I scanned the template with a ruler at the side as an aid to getting the scale correct when printing.

AR EB101 Turntable

User manual added for the Acoustic Research EB101 turntable. I'll scan the guide to fitting alternative tonearms later.

Fidelity Research Cartridges

User manuals for the Fidelity Research MC201 and FR1 mk3 cartridges added to the library. Thanks again to Finkerbell for the scans.

General Electric Golden Classic + Stereo Classic

User manual for the General Electric golden classic and stereo classic cartridges. Scans by Finkerbell.

Cartridge Comparison Chart

Similar to the Arm comparison chart posted last month with loads of useful cartridge data. Scans by Docjowe

Six Tonearm Review - Noel Keywood HFN 1978

Thanks to Docjowe for this excellent scan of a six tonearm review from Noel Keywood in HFN March 1978 - ADC LMF1, ADC LMF2, Hadcock GH 228, AT1009, SME 3009S2 imp and SME III.

Pioneer A400 + A400X schematics

Not our normal fare, but I'm sure this will please the DIY crowd - Schematics for the classic Pioneer A400 and A400X amplifiers. Scans by Ktigerb

British Audio Products Online

I just thought I'd give a mention to the new look British Audio Products website. It offers everything from Tonearm rewires to Test records and Kit Record Cleaning Machines and is run by a guy who really knows his stuff.