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Garrard 620S Record Changer

Many thanks to jbautist for the scans of the Garrard 620S record changer setup manual, in the library now.

Philips GA 312 Service manual

A big one here - the service manual (mainly schematics) for the classic Philips GA312 turntable. Thanks to Alayn91 for the scans

Arm comparison chart

An interesting chart comparing the quality/features of various arms from the late 1970's from HiFI Choice magazine. Scans by Docjowe

Mission reviews

Improved quality scans of the Mission 773 cartridge and 774 tonearm reviews added to the library. Scans by Docjowe

Micro Seiki BL-10X

User manual added for the Micro Seiki BL10X turntable thanks to Jeddx

Syrinx PU3 Tonearm

Thanks to Raafjes for the instructions for the ultra rare Syrinx PU3 tonearm.

Decca International Tonearm

Decca International Tonearm user manual and mounting template added by fischio.

SME 300 series tonearms

The long lost page 16 of the SME series 300 user manual added. Scan by npd027

Rega P7 Turntable

French and english language user manuals for the Rega P7 Turntable added to the library.

Nine exotic cartridges review

A great period piece here for fans of high end gear. Nine exotic cartridges reviewed by Martin Colloms in an issue of HFN & RR from September 1982. Scans by Docjowe.

Audio Technica ATP-12T + ATP-16T

Thanks to Fischio for the user manual for these classic Proffesional tonearms, the Audio Technica ATP-12T and ATP-16T. Also included is the mounting template for the ATP-12T.

Technics SL1700 manual

English and French versions of the Technics SL1700 user manual uploaded. Scans by Tripod

Mission Reviews

Added period reviews of the Mission 773 cartridge and the 774 tonearm to the library. Scans by Docjowe.

Stanton 681 EEE

User manual added for the Stanton 681 triple E stereo cartridge. Scans by Tripod.

Technics SL110 + SL1100

More vintage technics from Tripod here: Technics SL110/SL1100 user manual (english), Technics SL1100 AC advertising brochure and Technics SH11-L1 strobo illuminator.

Denon DL 103 History - Jean Hiraga (french)

History of the Denon DL103 cartridge by Jean Hiraga (french language) scanned by Docjowe.

Audio Technica AT120E +125LC + 130E

Full user manual for Audio Technica AT120E / 125LC / 130E stereo cartridges in English, French and German. Scans by Tripod.

Technics SP10 mkII schematics

Partial schamatics for the Technics SP10 mkII added to library

Technics literature

An assortment of rare Technics literature has been uploaded by Tripod: Technics SL110 SME mounting template and instructions, Technics - Overhang gauge instructions and Technics - BH 653 E Electronic static eliminator.

Shure ME55E stereo cartridge

Full user manual for the Shure ME55E stereo cartridge added to the library. Scans by Tripod.

Technics Direct Drive Turntable Brochure

A rare Technics Direct Drive Turntable Brochure added to the library with information on the following models: SL2000, SL1800, SL1700, SL1600, SL1100AC, SL110A and SP10 mkII. Scans by Tripod.

Mission Mechanic tonearm

Many thanks to Mfet for the scans of this much requesed manual for the legendary Mission Mechanic tonearm

Ortofon F15 - FF15 cartridge

Thanks to Tripod for the scans of the Ortofon F15 - FF15 user manual. Includes full technical specs for the 6 variations of the cartridge.

Rega P5 turntable

French and English user manuals added for the new Rega P5 turntable.

Shure M91 ED

The manual for the Shure M91 ED stereo cartridge has been uploaded for all those who need one. Thanks to Ron Romeo for doing the scans and Damian for the file links.

Turntable Theory by John Bicht (french) pt 1 + 2

Docjowe scanned this excellent two part french language article on Turntable Theory by John Bicht. Up in the Misc section of the library.

SME series 3009 (info sheet 21)

SME info sheet 21 added to the tonearm manual library by Docjowe.

Mission 775 LC turntable

Many thanks to Deck for the full user manual for the Mission-Cambridge 775 LC turntable.

Stromberg Carlson RA 498 Tonearm

Another manual from Finkerbell's extensive collection, this time for the rare Stromberg Carlson RA 498 tonearm.