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French connection

No updates for a while as Ive been away enjoying the Massif Central in France. Stunning scenery, strange weather and seemingly devoid of people. Great stuff.

Tonearm Specifications v.2.0

Huge update to the tonearm specifications PDF, now with cartridge offsets where known and 300 tonearms listed. Thanks to all the people who provided information, especially our man in Japan.

Bias Compensation

Another interesting scan added to the library by Audie; Bias Compensation and Dynamic Conditions part 1 from HiFi News October 1969. This looks at inward side thrust (bias) and through experimentation attempts to measure the forces needed to counteract its effects.

SME Information Sheet 24

Another addition to the misc section of the library, SME Information Sheet 24 uploaded by Jitze.

EEI Cartridge Alignment Gauge Instructions

Following on from a thread in the forum, the 16 page user manual for the fascinating EEI cartridge alignment gauge has been scanned and uploaded by Audie. Download it now from the misc section of the library.