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Thorens TD126 mkII service manual

Many thanks to Jitze for uploading the 50 page (!) Thorens TD126 mkII service manual in English, French and German.

Philips GA 312/212 turntables

User manual for the classic Philips GA 312/212 turntables. Thanks to alayn91 for the excellent scans

Fidelity Research FR12 / FR14 tonearm

User manual for the Fidelity Research FR12 / FR14 tonearms kindly scanned by hdkatt and uploaded by Seb complete with notes on alternative mounting method and alignment protractors

Technics SL1200 mk5 / 1210 mk5 / 1210 m5g

The user manuals for the new Technics SL1200 mk5, SL1210 mk5 and SL 1210 m5g kindly provided by Pinobot

ZYX R100 series cartridges

Thanks to Jitze for the manual for the ZYX R100 series cartridges

Audioquest PT9 tonearm

User manual and templates for the Audioquest PT9, PT9+ and PT9 Extreme tonearms uploaded

Vinyl Engine 2nd Anniversary

The sites exactly 2 years old today and despite numerous outages, server hacks and the odd dissenter we are still here. The library has expanded to include over 350 files, the turntable gallery is possibly the largest on the net at over 1500 images and the forum has about 15000 visitors a month. All this with no advertising, sponsership or external funding. Id like to thank (again) all those who have helped along the way, especially those who have contributed to the content on the site and given their time freely - please check out the about page for the complete roll call.

SME 3009 / 3012 mkI tonearm manual

User manual for the classic mkI 3009 and 3012 tonearms including information on the optional bias adjuster. Also service sheet 12 for the SME 3009 tonearm. Both scanned by Finkerbell.

Grace F9 series cartridges

Specifications sheet for the Grace F9 series of cartridges uploaded by Farsch

Pickering Fluxvalve Unipoise 194 Tonearm

Another very rare manual from Finkerbell, the Pickering Fluxvalve Unipoise 194 Tonearm + service bulletin.

Goldring Lenco P77 Tonearm

User manual for the Goldring Lenco P77 tonearm by Finkerbell

SME 3009 service sheet 25

Short but very useful guide to replacing the elastic coupling on 3009 S2 and 3012 S2 tonearms. Thanks to Brian C. for the scan and additional notes.

JVC JL-A40 service manual

The companion to the JVC JL-A40 user manual uploaded earlier in the week, this is the full 26 page service manual including schematics and fault finding charts. Thanks again to Fzabkar for the scans.

Thorens TD 125 mkII service manual (german)

German language service manual for the Thorens TD 125 mkII turntable, scans uploaded by Jitze

Empire 1000 ZE/X Cartridge

P-J sent in this scan, its the user manual for the Empire 1000 cartridge but also includes specs on the other cartridges in the range.

Examining your stylus

Added to the articles section a beginners guide to stylus condition and examination by John Fink (Finkerbell)

JVC JL-A40 turntable

User manual for the 1977 JVC JL-A40 direct drive turntable added, scans thanks to Fzabkar.