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Thorens TD 125 A/B/AB

Thanks again to Finkerbell for excellent scans of the full user manual for the Thorens TD 125 A/B/AB turntable(s)

Thorens TD 150 A/B/AB turntables

User manual uploaded for the Thorens TD 150 A/B/AB turntable(s)

Goldring G 99 Transcription unit

Thanks to Farsch for uploading the Goldring G99 Transcription turntable user manual. One time top of the Goldring range but available now for a song.

Thorens TD224 service manual

Ive been sitting on this one for a while waiting for enough spare time to edit 37mb of images into this 47 page service manual for the Thorens TD224 auto changer - many thanks to Finkerbell for the scans.

Michell Reference Electronic

The perfect companion to the recent Fluid and Focus tonearm manuals, here we have the setup manual for the Michell Reference Electronic Turntable. Scans courtesy of Docjowe.

Rek-O-Kut Micropoise S220 / S260

Setup manual for the Rek-O-Kut Micropoise S220 (12") and S260 (16") stereo tonearms. Scanned by Finkerbell.

Graham 1.5 / 1.5T tonearm

High end Graham 1.5 / 1.5T tonearm user manual uploaded by Finkerbell.

Grado Laboratory Series

Another extreme rarity here, the user manual for the Grado Laboratory Series tonearm scanned by Finkerbell

Goldring GR1

User manual for the new Goldring GR1 turntable

EMI EPU100 tonearm

A real rarity here, a full user manual for the EMI EPU 100 stereo pick up (arm and cartridge combination). Thanks to Finkerbell for the scans. Pictures of the arm can already be found in the gallery.

Michell Tecno Counterweight Review

Beautifully engineered and gorgeous looking but is the Tecnos beauty skin deep? We take a closer look at Michells take on the perfect Rega counterweight.

New tonearm manuals added to the library

Audiocraft AC300/AC400 [japanese], Michell Focus Arm, Michell Fluid Arm and Transcriptor Fluid Arm. All scans by Finkerbell.

Thorens TD 126 mkIII part schematics

Another request filled, this time by Zapdog. Part schematics for the Thorens TD126 mkIII turntable.

Thorens TD124 Cutout template

Docjowe filled this request for a Thorens TD124 Cutout template. This is in four pages but the all important measurements are marked on it.