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Denon DP47F user manual (french)

Following on from the full service manual is this Denon DP47F french language user manual. As always thanks to Spirou38.

Audio Technica AT33R

Added the Japanese data sheets for the Audio Technica AT33R cartridge. Supplied by Spirou38.

Denon DP47F service manual

New to the library is this full service manual for the Denon DP47F. Thanks to Spirou38 for another quality release.

EMT 948 service (english)

Reduced down to a still not inconsiderable 7mb pdf manual this is the complete service manual for the awesome EMT 948 turntable. Everything you need including setup instructions, schematics and parts list. Thanks again to Spirou38 for the 50mb of original scans.

Technics SL1100 service manual

More high quality scans from Spirou38; the service manual for the Technics SL1100 turntable

Pierre Lurne arm 2

Here we have the user manual for the very french and very rare Audiomeca Pierre Lurne arm 2. Thanks to Seb for forwarding the manual from Patrick Weber over at le forum de haute-fidelité.net

Stupid Protractors

New from Seb comes this pair of very simple to make standard alignment protractors.

Technics SL1100 / 110 user manual (french)

Many thanks to Spirou38 for providing the scans for the Technics SL1100 / SL110 user manual (french language version)

Thorens TD145mkII user manual

Thanks to Seb for scanning the thorens TD145mkII user instruction manual in English, French and German


Seb has written a french language front page for the site with a guide to using the members forum and library - follow the link at the top of this poge

EMT 927 + 930 service manual

You will need to read German to get the full use of this service manual for the EMT turntables, but its well illustrated and invaluable to owners of this behemoth. Peter E. Albrecht was kind enough to donate it to the library.

Micro Seiki DDX 1000 service manual

Canasta sent in this full service manual for the DDX 1000 high end deck from Micro Seiki of Japan.

Luxman PD444

Thanks to Ron Thigpen for the rare user manual for the even rarer Luxman PD 444 turntable. Ill upload a couple of pictures of Rons deck later on for you all to drool over.