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Shure HE50S

More Shure scans from SecShade - the manual for the Shure HE50S P-mount cartridge

Shure Encore Series

Shure Encore series setup info for the following cartridges: ME70B, ME75EJ, ME75ED and ME95ED. Thanks to SecShade for the scans.

Elite Townshend Cartridges

A request this time, filled by regular contributor willbewill - the original specifications and setup information for several Elite Townshend cartridges.

Michell Tecnodec

New to the Michell range is the entry level solid plinth Tecnodec, supplied with or without Rega RB250 arm.

Tonearm Specs v.1.01

First small update today of the tonearms specifications sheet

AudioCraft AC300C / AC400C

Setup manuals in both French and English for the AudioCraft AC300C / AC400C tonearms, along with a custom designed protractor, kindly supplied by Ketalar.

Tonearm Specs

A big update to the tonearm specifications sheet today including several corrections. Ive also added a couple of diagrams showing standard tonearm connections. The files are now up in the members forum under tonearm manuals.

Grace 840 F

An interesting one this - the setup manual and template for the Grace 840 F multi master 2 or 4 channel tonearm. Cheers to Mr.Bear for the manual.

Denon DP67L / DP72L [english / french]

Thanks to Mr.Bear for this manual - the complete user guide for both the Denon DP67L and DP72L model turntables.

Keith Monks Laboratory arm

Yosh has kindly provided the full setup guide for the increasingly rare, and ever so slightly dangerous, Keith Monks Mercury Contact Laboratory arm.