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A big update today in the library - the gallery will be next so thanks to all those whove sent in new pictures, Im currently trying to get all of these together and they should be up this week sometime.

Infinity Black Widow

Thanks to new member Smelluel who sent in this rare manual for the Infinty Black Widow tonearm - the template is also up in the library.

Goldring 1000 series

Evaia has had a busy time and included these instructions for the Goldring 1000 series. I noticed that it isnt the first time someone has sent these (oops) so thanks to all those whose scans lie unused on my hard drive.


Hadcock Cutout template, Unipoise, Unilift and GH228 manuals. Scans supplied by Evaia

Ariston Q deck

Our good friend Audiokostas has been kind enough to send in the scans for the Ariston Q-Deck user manual - the pdf is up in the library now.

Audio Technica AT1010 tonearm

Audiomonde is back with this extensive user manual for the top of the range Audio Technica tonearm, the AT1010. Im especially pleased about this one as I just got one off a friend and its got alot of obscure adjustments that I wasnt 100% about.

Micro Seiki Tonearm Base List

German fitment list from Ndp027 stating which bases to use with which tonearms on various Micro Seiki turntables. Of course this is also extremely useful as a guide to which of these tonearms is likely to be an easy substitution on any deck - great work.

Garrard Type A turntable

Rare user manual added for the classic Garrard Type A turntable. Thanks to Bern for the quality scans.