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Dual 1019

Full user manual for the Dual 1019 auto/professional turntable kindly scanned by Bern. I especially love the suggestion that the tonearm will track flawlessly with a cigarette under the record, or with the whole unit tipped over nearly 90 degrees. Dont try this at home.

Shure Catalogue 1973

A very comprehensive guide to all things Shure from 1973, including technical specifications on their massive range of cartridges. Scanned by Unkouth

Vinyl Engine 1st Anniversary

Well the site has reached its first anniversary despite the odd glitch and a couple of changes of host, and the updates keep coming. Id like to thank all those who have helped along the way, especially those who have contributed to the content on the site - please check out the about page for the complete roll call.

Audio Technica AT-PL50 turntable

User manual for the PL50 belt drive deck from AT

BSR P175

Thanks to Unkouth for yet another rare BSR manual, this time for the belt drive P175

Dual DMS 210

Cartridge manual for the bundled cartridge that came with the Dual 1226 turntable, scanned by Unkouth

Audio Technica tonearms

Japanese spec sheets added for the following AT tonearms: AT 1005, AT 1010 and AT 1100.

Grado ZT+

Another user manual scanned by Unkouth, this time for the Grado ZT+ cartridge.

BSR P204

Unkouth sent in the setup sheet for this old school turntable the BSR P204.

Stax UA7 + UA70 tonearm

Thanks to Mr.Bear for tracking down this manual and to his friend Amando Blanquer for putting the time in on the scans. Its up in the library now.