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Denon DP 790

Thanks to Marc for more user manual scans, this time both the English and French versions for the Denon DP-790 turntable. Both manuals contain 20 pages of comprehensive setup instructions and technical data.

Thorens service manual

Thanks to Skipl for sending the scans for the service manual for the following Thorens turntables: TD145 mkI/mkII, TD160 mkI/mkII, TD165 mkI and TD166 mk II.

Dual Gallery Update

Ive finally got around to updating the Dual turntable gallery - it now has 3 pages containing over 100 images.

Micro Seiki MA 505 mkIII

Rare Micro Seiki tonearm user manual kindly supplied by npd027

Pro-Ject Phonobox

Unkouth has scanned the manual for the original Pro-Ject Phonobox - in the library now.

Dual 1264

Added the user manuals for the Dual 1264 and its bundled cartridge the Dual ULM-55E. Original scans provided by regular contributor DanJ

More Pictures

The final part of the new gallery has been uploaded

Manufacturers Links

Ive added a new page to the links section with manufacturers web and email addresses.

Gallery Updated

The first part of the new style gallery is unveiled today - its been integrated into the main site and images are now sorted by manufacturer. The total number of pictures will exceed 1100 once the entire section is uploaded. Thanks to all those who have provided pictures over the previous months.

Linn Protractor

Thanks to Unkouth for scanning the Linn Protractor - remember to check the scale carefully after printing.

Ariston Audio RD 40

Scanned by Joel, here we have the fitting instructions for the optional cover for the Ariston RD 40, and an Ariston Audio flyer describing in detail the RD40 and RD 80 turntables and accessories.

Kenwood KD 750

Thanks to Fishy for supplying the user manual for the Kenwood KD 750 turntable which is up in the members area of the forum now.

Technics EPA 250

Well a new year for the Vinyl Engine and Euclid has come up with this rare setup manual for the equally rare Technics EPA 250 tonearm