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Dual - Cartridge use

An interesting publication from Dual here, a general (multilingual) guide to using cartridges on their turntables, complete with data on some classic older cartridges. Scanned by Drew.

Dual 1219 mounting template

Essential if you want to mount this unit in a DIY plinth - the second part to Drews Dual 1219 documentation has been added.

Dual 1219 + Shure M91

A treat for all you classic Dual fans out there, Drews provided some excellent scans of the User manual for the 1219 automatic record deck, and the Dual supplied Shure M91 cartridge.

NAD 5120 + Cartridge Data

Joel has sent in the full manual and quick setup guide for the NAD 5120 turntable. As a bonus it comes with the NAD cartridge Data sheet (in the cartridge manuals section of the forum) which should prove very useful for some owners of older cartridges.

Linn LVV tonearm

Well its been a great week for updates, and willbewill has continued the good work by sending the instructions and template for the Linn LVV tonearm - still a popular choice on the used market. Usual conditions regarding checking dimensions after printing out templates apply.

SME series 3 template

Kindly sent in by willbewill is the template for SME arm mounting - just be sure to check dimensions after printing out - Ive uploaded it as the original jpeg so you can resize if necessary.

Technics EPA 500 Tonearm

Much requested and finally here courtesy of Denzos excellent scans - the setup manual for the legendary Technics EPA 500 tonearm is in the library now.

Garrard SL95B Automatic Turntable manual

More from Euclids collection - This was Garrards record changer for the ordinary HI Fi systems in the late 1960s. It had rim drive and a syncronous motor. The tonearm had moderate mass and antiskating. I did not like it as well as the Duals of the time. I think the Zero 100 was almost identical except for its unusual zero tracking error tone arm.

Linn LP12 setup manual (revised Jan 1998)

Ryan has been kind enough to provide this 58 page revised edition of the official Linn LP12 setup manual - a perfect companion to the original 20 page guide also in the library.

JVC 4DD-5 CD4 Disc Demodulator

Another rarity from Euclid, this is the user manual for the JVC 4DD-5. An early demodulator for the CD4 discreet quad records which can also be used as a preamp for stereo records. Dates from about 1974.

Realistic Model 10

Provided by Euclid, this user manual gives setup instructions for the Model 10 4-speed record deck by Realistic- In the mid 1960s Radio Shack sold some awful equipment. This was one of the exceptions. It was the previous years Benjamin Miracord turntable that had been labled with Radio Shacks house brand. The original cartridge was an Elac. This unit was a little better than the Garrards and Duals of the time. It had a syncronous motor and a very heavy platter but used rim drive. The effective mass of the tone arm was high which was not a major problem in the 60s. In the 70s the records pressed in the US were much more warped and high tonearm mass became a serious problem.

Technics turntable controller

Schematics for the discontinued Henry Engineering universal turntable controller added to the library. This basically adds separate remote start/stop switch functionality to Technics professional turntables.