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STD 305M

The User manual and Brochure for the Strathclyde Transcription Developments 305M is up in the library now. Cheers to Satz who did the hard work with the scanner!

Mayware Formula 4

Thanks to willbewill who forwarded me this sought after setup manual for the classic Mayware Formula 4 tonearm.

Thorens Reference

Spotted by Alex at the VAD hifi show on the 19/20 October, the new 60kg Thorens Reference 2 turntable designed and produced by no other than A.J.vdHull. Expect the price to be around 20,000 euros and the sound to be superlative.

Picture Archive

A huge update to the Picture Archive today - no thumbnails but (probably) the largest collection of turntable images on the net. Expect the directory listing to take a little while to load and feel free to use them as you please.

Empire Manuals

Thanks to Euclid who has supplied scans of the entire Empire 298 System (208 turntable, 980 tonearm and 108 cartridge). This 1960s deck is still in use, albeit with a later SME 3009S2 tonearm, and is a testament to its superb design.

Oracle Delphi mkII

Phydeaux has supplied scans for a very rare manual for a superb turntable, the Oracle Delphi mkII.

Sumiko Premier MMT and Talisman

Cheers to Phydeaux for the Sumiko MMT tonearm and Talisman cartridge manuals.


Phydeaux has kindly sent the manual scans for this JVC QL series turntable.

Kearns Protractor

An original (as far as I know) idea and drawing by Bkearns translated into pdf by Seb. This is a universal arc protractor - as always read the instructions and contact Seb if in doubt - up in the library now.

SME 3009-3012 S2 tonearms

More original scans of one the many different variations of manual produced for this most long lived of tonearms - sent in by Anachrophile and in the library now.

Garrard 301 turntable

Another long requested manual provided by Anachrophile. This comprehensive manual for the legendary Garrard 301 turntable should help many who have lost hair over the complexity of this beast of a motor unit.

Maplenoll Air-bearing turntables

Thanks go out to Anachrophile for scanning this manual which serves as a setup guide for the Athena, Cleo, Ariadne, Athena mk2 and Cleo mk2 models.

Back from Vacation

Well Im back from a short vacation in sunny Keffalonia, so hopefully Ill be able to fix any problems which have cropped up over the last week or so add a few updates.