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Ive added a few links to turntable reviews on other sites to the Articles page.

Technics manuals

5 more Technics manuals added to the library.

Rega Protractor

Seb has added another take on a protractor for Rega tonearms, this time using the Baerwald alignment method.

Thorens TD125 mkII

This much requested user manual for the Thorens TD125 mkII is finally up in the library, thanks go to rmnd for supplying the (many) scans.

Technics manuals

More user manuals added to the library: Technics SL 6 and Technics SL 7.

Micro Seiki BL51

The final installment in Alexs series of Micro Seiki manuals is in the library now.

Technics SP25

Cheers to James K for the Technics SP25 user manual and SH15B2 plinth instructions. Ive also added a few more technics manuals for those direct drive fans out there.

Technics manuals

In the members area now - User manuals for the following turntables: SL 5, SL 1200 mkII, SL 1210 mkII, SL 1200 ltd and SL 1210 mkIII.

Micro Seiki DD33

Alex has scanned another Micro Seiki manual - this time its the DD33 direct drive turntable.

Roksan XPS 1

New in the library are the roksan xps 1 schematics (and more) sent in by Pete, Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know.

Offsite articles

New to the articles page are links to reviews hosted by friends of the vinyl engine


Sent in by James K is a scan of the SAEC WE 308 user manual.


Id just like to welcome our latest members and invite you to leave any comments you have on the site in the forum.

JBE slate deck

Most manuals are now in Acrobat 5 format for cross platform compatibility - anyone having trouble opening them should get their free acrobat reader. Ive also added one picture to the gallery - its Alexs JBE slate deck.


Piotr has added two more popular Linn manuals to the library: Linn Lingo power supply user manual and Linn Linto phono stage user manual. Also Seb pointed out that some people have been paying for the Linn Sondek set-up guide on eBay. Get it for free from the members area.

Micro Seiki

Our man in Amsterdam (?) Alex has been busy scanning his rare Micro Seiki user manuals, so get them from the members area now and dont forget to thank him for his hard work: MR-711 turntable and DD 35 turntable. Note that most of the broken links have now been fixed.