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Some of the manuals are down again; I may try to fix them this weekend if I get time.

Dynavector 505 mounting template

Dynavector 505 mounting template added to the library, remember to check scale once printed.

Rega specific cartridge protractor

For all of you struggling to align the cartridge in your Rega tonearm, Seb has designed this Rega specific cartridge protractor - simply print out (to scale) and follow the instructions.

Technics SL3300 and SL3310

New to the library is the user manual for the Technics SL3300 and SL3310 turntables. A big thanks goes out to DanJ who provided the scans. If you have any turntable or tonearm manuals not already in the library please scan them as jpeg/gif/tiff, email to admin and you will get credit on the homepage.

Dynavector DV10x4 mkII

Brett has been kind enough to scan the manual of his new cartridge - the Dynavector DV10x4 mkII.


I've added a poll to the forum regarding the format manuals and other technical info is uploaded in. Please vote now or forever hold your tongue!

Forum news

Please welcome Piotr as the new open forum moderator.


Piotr has added User manuals for two Rotel turntables, the RP850 and the RP900.

Dynavector DV505

I've added a few images of one of my favourite arms ever to the gallery - the superb Dynavector DV505.

Manuals Server

Due to bandwidth restrictions on my manuals server I have moved all files yet again to the members area of the forum. Please register to gain access to all the files listed in the Library.

Picture Pack 7

For the Thorens fans out there Ive added loads of new images to the gallery and posted Picture Pack 7 in the library.

AEC Decca C91

Piotr is back with this rare user manual for the AEC Decca C91 cartridge. Some of the file links are broken - I will try to have all these files back up tonight.

Rane PS1

User manual and schematics for the Rane PS1 phono stage are up in the library

SME Series 20 + 30

Flyers for the SME series 20 and series 30 turntables and series V tonearm added to the library

Xerxes X

New in the library - Xerxes X top plinth alignment instructions posted by Ken. Ive also added a link to Werners excellent instructions for the Xerxes.

About Page

New on the About page is a list of contributors to the site. Dont forget, if you have any interesting articles or manuals you would like to donate, contact me with details.


Its Rega day at the VInyl Engine. In articles: Hot wired Rega and the Origin Live Installation Instructions for Rega arms. In the library: Picture Pack 6 - Rega special, Rega tonearm specifications, Elys user manual, Exact user manual, Super Bias user manual, Super Elys user manual, Planar 2 user manual, Planar 3 user manual, P3 user manual and P9 user manual. Plus a host of new Rega images in the gallery. Thanks to Mark Baker at Origin Live for the inclusion of his installation manual and John at Rega for the use of their user manuals and images.

AR XA turntable

The user manual for the AR XA turntable has been kindly scanned by DanJ and is up in the library now.

Search Engine

Added a search engine to the site - it is in beta testing stage at the moment so expect a few bugs.

Picture Pack 5

Picture pack 5 has been uploaded to the library.

Library Page

Ive rewritten the library page with added links to many of the manuals from the Vinyl Engine archives. For access to the larger files please register in the members forum.

Pass Labs Xono + Tag McLaren PPA 20

Our regular contributor Piotr has added the user manuals for the Pass Labs Xono and Tag McLaren PPA 20 phono stages to the library and some nice pictures to the gallery.

Gallery news

Ive moved the gallery onto a freehost for testing. It should speed the site up a little but you may have to put up with occasional annoying ads - please report any problems in the forum.


Its Linn day at the Vinyl Engine. In articles: Official Linn History and Modificationsa nd Analogue Addicts Linn LP12 FAQ. In the library: Linn tonearm specifications, Linn Ittok LVII user manual, LinnBasik user manual, Linn Axis user manual, Linn LP12 user manual, Linn LP12 illustrated user manual and Linn LP12 disassembly instructions. Plus a host of new Linn images in the gallery. Thanks to Shadowfax for the official Linn info.

Herron Audio VTPH1

Herron Audio VTPH1 valve phono stage user manual uploaded by Piotr. Thanks also to Kelvin for the Musical Fidelity XLP2 and XLPS user manuals.