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Members Gallery

Well the members gallery has got off to a good start! For those who haven't used it yet you can upload pictures of your system or favourite component here to share with other visitors. You can give your gallery its own name and provide full descriptions to your images. If it becomes more popular I may even increase the upload limit.

Rotel RQ 970BX

Piotr uploaded the user manual for the Rotel RQ 970BX phono stage, a much under rated and versatile unit which sells for a bargain price.

Image Gallery

New to the vinylengine is the members gallery. Still in testing and it may be a little slow while I tweak the code but use this page to upload your own mini gallery and to submit photos to the main gallery.

Technics SP15

Thanks to Fabio for supplying the scans of the user manual for the Technics SP15 motor unit which is up in the forum.

Picture Pack 4

Added picture pack 4 to the library

Teres Audio

Chris Brady of Teres Audio has kindly allowed me to post the manuals for the superb Teres deck, get them now in the forum. Please visit his site to find out more on one of the cheapest ways into true high-end vinyl playback.


More Lyra cartridge manuals added by Piotr and I've been playing with the site code - the news page should load a little faster now.

New Images

Another small update to the gallery thanks to Piotr for providing more images.

Lehman Black Cube

Made some changes to the forum script which should hopefully make it work better with netscape 4. I've also Added some specs on the Lehman Black cube phono stage in the forum, thanks to Marq for the scans.

Tonearm Specifications

One more turntable manual added and I have updated the tonearm specifications page. If anyone has missing tonearm specifications (or spots any errors) please contact me with details.

Picture pack 3

Another update to the Gallery and 11 more manuals uploaded to the forum. Picture pack 3 is up in the library.

Gallery Update

A small update to the the Gallery - thanks again to Piotr for sending the pictures.

SME 3009 series 2

Thanks to Holger at vinyl-lebt for the SME 3009 series 2 manual, get it now in the forum. Also thanks to Piotr for sending some superb pictures which I will add to the gallery on my next update. Finally, I have been having a lot of trouble with the site in the last few days. My site host has been upgrading and keeps shutting down my cgi scripts and my file hosts keep deleting the manuals because of the volume of traffic. Hopefully it will all be fixed soon but bear with me

Thorens TD146/166/320

Just a small change to the site design today and a trio of Thorens manuals uploaded to the forum: Thorens TD146, Thorens TD166 mkII and Thorens TD320 mkII.

Garrard / Thorens

For the classic turntable lover I have added the following user manuals to the forum: Garrard 401, Thorens TD124 and Thorens TD126 mkIII.

Technics 1200

For those who have requested a service manual for the Technics 1200 please visit Backspin who have a copy for free download.

Moerch UP-4

Hans Henrik Moerch has supplied the user manual for his superb UP-4 tonearm and a current fitment list for arm tubes/cartridges. Find the files up now in the forum. For more information on Moerch please visit their website or that of their official distributor's Walrus systems in the UK.

Forum Update

Another small update to the forum including 6 new manuals. Thanks to mwan for one very special one.

Technics SH-10B7

A very rare one this - the user manual for the Technics SH-10B7 obsidian plinth - find it in the forum. The plinth was the all obsidian version of the SH-10B3 used on the Technics flagship SL1000 turntable. Weighing in at 17.3kg the mirror polished slab of volcanic rock showed what the SP10 motor unit was really capable of.

Eminent Technology + Rega

Thanks to Bruce at Eminent Technology and John at Rega for giving permission to use their material on this site. Please visit their web pages to show your support.

SME Series 3

Up in the forum the owners manual for the SME Series 3 tonearm. Thanks to malcolm for donating the file. My technical files are still taking a big hit at the moment, 733 downloads to date and counting...I'm trying to keep the links alive but my hosts aren't happy.

New Site URL

To celebrate my 2000th visitor the site has had a name change (for the better) and got its very own dot com : The domain should go live in the next few hours so please bookmark the new address.

Manual Frenzy?

Well you lot have really been hammering my library. You may find the files keep dissapearing for short periods as I hit my bandwidth limits but I will try to sort hosts out who allow this sort of abuse...just keep the manuals coming and I will keep them up as long as possible.

Linn LP12

Sent in by Seb and posted in the forum: Linn LP12 illustrated manual and Tonearm Geometry and Setup - Audio magazine 1980.

Morch DP6

To protect bandwidth and reward active members, new files will be available from the forum 14 days before being posted to the library. Thanks to Andy for the Morch DP6 tonearm setup manual. It is available now from the forum.

SME 3009

The new and improved forum is back online - anyone can post a message but please register for full membership benefits. Also thanks to Zeb for the SME 3009 imp manual and EnergyMan for the Infinity Black Widow mounting template in the library.

Logic DM 101

Updated the gallery with a few design changes in line with your feedback. Graham has sent me some rare scans of the Logic DM 101 instructions for those of you still running this super deck from the 1980s. Find them as usual in the library.

SME series V

A small update with special thanks to: Mike for the SME series V manual and FlatEarth for the Systemdek IIX manual.

Heybrook TT2

Several new manuals added today - thanks go out to Kal for the original scans of the Heybrook TT2 manual - get the pdf now from the library.


Links to 6 Pro-ject turntable user manuals added to the library.

New Manuals

By Jove another 8 publications uploaded to the library. Please scan your rare manuals, send me details and get a mention on the homepage.

Library Update

8 new manuals in the library.

Picture Pack

Picture Pack 2 is now available on the library.

Technics SP10 MkII

In articles is an original 1977 Gramaphone magazine review of my favourite deck, the Technics SP10 MkII.

Sumiko Premier FT3

Ive added a manual for the Sumiko Premier FT3 tone arm to the library, It includes a not-to-scale mounting template for reference.

Gallery Update

Back off holiday so heres a small update to the Gallery.