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Im going away for 2 weeks to Madeira on a walking holiday so no updates until after the 1st April, no pun intended. Try not to break anything while Im away.

Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials

A special request: The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials on the articles page.

Eminent Technology ET2

Added the Eminent Technology ET2 tonearm manual as a single zipped pdf file on the library. The forum is down again. It seems the host doesn't support my script fully, I will redesign for simplicity and speed and post here when its ready.

Lycos Outage

Well the server problems that hit just as the forum went live seem to have been cured! Lycos uk had a planned outage which they forgot to tell users about until after the event. To celebrate this I've added my first picture pack to the library, this contains all the pictures so far added to the gallery but in unedited form for you to play with.

Hosting Problems

Having some hosting problems with the forum and some of the manual downloads on lycos. I will try to fix this soon but it is intermittent and seems to be a problem with the host. I may have to find an alternative home for these pages.


Small update to the gallery

Vinyl Engine Forum

The Vinyl Engine forum is finally open after many requests. Head on down there and introduce yourself and don't forget to register for full membership/access.

Gallery Update

The gallery has been redesigned to make updating faster and easier and now opens in its own window. First draft of tonearm specs table is up in the library.

Library Update

11 manuals and spec sheets added to the library

Hi-Fi News Test Record

The Vinyl Engine manages to get its hands on a copy of the Hi-FI News Test Record (£15) from British audio products. We try it out on our technics sp10/zeta turntable with some interesting results.