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Denon DP-47F Denon DP-47F 9/10  by skeeve
Sony PS-T33 Sony PS-T33 8/10  by brian57
Linn LP 12 Sondek Linn LP 12 Sondek 8/10  by steve195527
Connoisseur BD1 Connoisseur BD1 8/10  by desertdog
CJ Walker CJ 55 CJ Walker CJ 55 9/10  by desertdog
Dual 606 Dual 606 8/10  by kquail
Sony PS-X75 Sony PS-X75 10/10  by Thaumaturge
Garrard 125SB Garrard 125SB 5/10  by reedy1
Kenwood KD-2070 Kenwood KD-2070 8/10  by RadioFlyer
ELAC Miracord 620 ELAC Miracord 620 9/10  by Bill_Ashton
Dual CS 522 Dual CS 522 10/10  by vdsvicky
Sansui SR-535 Sansui SR-535 10/10  by qsd1
Carrera LT-120 Carrera LT-120 9/10  by Hersey17356
Technics SL-J2 Technics SL-J2 10/10  by Hersey17356
Technics SL-6 Technics SL-6 10/10  by Hersey17356
Pioneer PL-50L Pioneer PL-50L 10/10  by prabie
Denon DP-3500 Denon DP-3500 10/10  by blockhead10
Denon DP-11F Denon DP-11F 8/10  by Wirenut52
Acoustic Research ES-1 Acoustic Research ES-1 9/10  by tomh
Technics SL-1700 Technics SL-1700 10/10  by OceanMang

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