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Turntable Reviews: 2016

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Technics SL-1200 Technics SL-1200 10/10  by sdar120
Technics SL-1210 Technics SL-1210 10/10  by sdar120
Thorens TD321 Thorens TD321 9/10  by Disbeliever
Thorens TD125 Thorens TD125 10/10  by RIKINTPA
Dual 1225 Dual 1225 9/10  by oa2212
Audio Technica AT PL120 Audio Technica AT PL120 2/10  by Tomux
no image available Yamaha YP-B2 7/10  by Case
Dual CS 503 Dual CS 503 9/10  by turntableguru
Hitachi HT-L33 Hitachi HT-L33 9/10  by wtroll
Micro Seiki DD-8 Micro Seiki DD-8 10/10  by WildDrive
Technics SL-D2 Technics SL-D2 9/10  by kometea
Mitsubishi Diatone DP-EC1 Mitsubishi Diatone DP-EC1 10/10  by koogert
Acoustic Research EB101 Acoustic Research EB101 10/10  by izzy69
CJ Walker CJ 58 CJ Walker CJ 58 9/10  by Rob Duff
Marantz TT530 Marantz TT530 8/10  by markedasred
Sansui SR-525 Sansui SR-525 10/10  by jchambers70
Linn LP 12 Sondek Linn LP 12 Sondek 10/10  by GrahamP
Denon DP-1200 Denon DP-1200 9/10  by graywolf
Unitra GS-420 Unitra GS-420 7/10  by adamwro-klo
Sony PS-LX310 Sony PS-LX310 9/10  by m-w

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