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Onkyo PL-25F Onkyo PL-25F 10/10  by mrtim
Rega P9 Rega P9 8/10  by kennethyuen
Michell GyroDec Michell GyroDec 8/10  by kennethyuen
Kuzma Stabi S Kuzma Stabi S 9/10  by kennethyuen
Technics SL-23 Technics SL-23 10/10  by kenny500c
Sanyo TP 1010 Sanyo TP 1010 8/10  by nucor
CJ Walker CJ 55 CJ Walker CJ 55 8/10  by antaresbluespirit
Technics SL-Q2 Technics SL-Q2 9/10  by Stan59
Source The Source Source The Source 9/10  by electroplater
Pioneer PLX-1000 Pioneer PLX-1000 9/10  by Licoricepizza61
Sansui SR-717 Sansui SR-717 10/10  by HiFi1991
Sanyo TP 600SA Sanyo TP 600SA 5/10  by Fendercpk2
Thorens TD150 Thorens TD150 9/10  by atgunawan
Kenwood KD-2055 Kenwood KD-2055 7/10  by theZante
Technics SL-Q2 Technics SL-Q2 9/10  by meesterlp
Technics SL-1800 Technics SL-1800 10/10  by meesterlp
Technics SL-QL1 Technics SL-QL1 10/10  by nl artist
Sony PS-D705 Sony PS-D705 10/10  by diegolll
Yamaha P-550 Yamaha P-550 9/10  by rich1968
Micro Seiki BL-71 Micro Seiki BL-71 10/10  by Henk Poppen

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