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Turntable Reviews: 1806

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Technics SL-5 Technics SL-5 9/10  by mark2wheeler
Technics SL-Q3 Technics SL-Q3 10/10  by Tape+78
Garrard Zero 100 Garrard Zero 100 8/10  by jesad
Technics SL-3 Technics SL-3 8/10  by specter
Braun PCS 5 Braun PCS 5 9/10  by aag777gaa
Sony PS-LX20 Sony PS-LX20 9/10  by greedy42
no image available Sony PS-LX3 10/10  by spacecadet
Technics SL-QD35 Technics SL-QD35 10/10  by Melos Antropon
Empire 598 Troubador Empire 598 Troubador 9/10  by Riversto
no image available Bang and Olufsen Beogram 3000 9/10  by damngoodmac
Linn LP 12 Sondek Linn LP 12 Sondek 9/10  by Spinning Top
Sony PS-X55 Sony PS-X55 10/10  by rickseneris
Dual 721 Dual 721 9/10  by kermitz
Pro-ject RPM 1 Pro-ject RPM 1 8/10  by kermitz
Acoustic Research XB1 Acoustic Research XB1 9/10  by Alan Aldrich
Denon DP-52F Denon DP-52F 9/10  by rideon50
Sansui SR-636 Sansui SR-636 10/10  by Fabrizzio
Thorens TD135 Thorens TD135 9/10  by budulinek
NAD C 555 NAD C 555 8/10  by rg33dk
Technics SL-QL1 Technics SL-QL1 10/10  by Jarchila

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