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Sansui SR-222 Reviews

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Sansui SR-222

Sansui SR-222

8/10 by totalcomfort

Overall great for the money.I got mine second hand cheap in like new shape. Just getting back into vinyl,and am very pleased with it so far.Did have to replace the belt as it was rotted from setting so long.

8/10 by ishmaelk

A great deck. I bought it second hand, the MK IV model, and with a Shure M95ED or an ELAC ESG 795 cartridge, it sounds great.
The piano black gloss is surprisingly gorgeous, the plinth is very solid and I have never felt any motor hum even after 8 hours playing music non stop.

8/10 by chanki88

Generally good, easy operation, good sound however when compare with his brother SR 525 the tonearm is less sensitive due to bearing design. And of cause you will not notice unless your are using the very fine cartridge.

8/10 by fmbottoni

Cheap but with a great sound!
my first turntable.
I have bought it on 1982 but it's still perfectly working

8/10 by kibblebob

A well built and simple manual turntable. Sounds very clean and neutral, one of my better buys.

9/10 by Tim70_99

Trying to be objective about a cheap second hand 1970's turntable can be rather difficult, particularly given the advances over the last 35 odd years. Yes my Xerxes 10 is superior, and so it should be, but combined with an M75ED, Sansui 331 & Ditton 15XR's in my 1970's system, it sounds pretty good to me. Wish I could have afforded one back in the day instead of the abysmal Amstrad TP12D that I bought, now that was a load of old rubbish!

3/10 by Knister

Hum noises, at least fitted with a Grado. very bad tonearm lift. All in all, there's a cheap feel to it .

7/10 by kristy

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